So I’ve definitely been having some serious battles… the most recent or rather I should say one that has been somewhat more of a constant struggle, rather than a battle… nevertheless still much a battle every now and again. The battle of brand vs personal and the struggle of being in your head.

Because here it the thing, building a personal brand requires a certain level of personability. It doesn’t mean you have to share everything, that was something I once did, especially in the early stages, and I did so without much of a purpose. It was fun, Insta was new, exciting things were happening and I was sharing… sharing almost every bit of it. And that’s kind of how it all started.

That is, the development of the brand. As the time went on, the structure started forming and evolving. But as it evolved and as it grew, there was always that line between personal and personable… I always shared and unless you knew, you knew. I would never expose. Only unless it was myself, and to the this day the same goes. But the thing is, there is always and will always be interpretations.

You see what I saying is, you can share a lot without sharing a lot. And most importantly, you can do so without exposing anything. Yet those closest can interpret it as exposing everything… but that’s only because of connection to you, not because of what was said or how it was said. And as a result, the purpose is lost… misinterpreted and gone. Seen and understood as something else all together.

And you can’t be mad… or feel way… but you can most definitely be in your head. In that you aren’t that person… the one to rants emotionally about personal sh*t or runs to share or shares everything… or what not?! You know?! You aren’t that person… but the intention is lost with the degree of connection. And it’s like… well dammit?! That is definitely not what it is…

And again you can’t get mad. But it is a battle and struggle… you post on matters that are personal (experience/thoughts/occurrences/insight… the list goes on) but only doing so for the brand. Nothing more. It’s purposeful and with cause. Not personal in any form. But then there is always that perception… or possibility of… from those closest to you to get the vary thing you are referencing, feeling more of an emotional charge… and there very well could be, yet it’s intention isn’t emotionally charged… it’s strategically driven. So basically it isn’t announcement. But rather, an offering.

An offering not of the personal, but of the personable. Relatable and thought worthy… not because, you what to know what or who it’s about, but because you what you understand what it is about. What lesson is being offered? Rather then, what announcement is being made… and again it’s battle, as those closest to you will know and can very well perceive it as such…

And it thing is doesn’t matter how well worded… or strategically placed without reference to, but rather reference with… it can still very much be a perceived… seen as otherwise.

And that kind of sucks! As it isn’t the purpose or the goal… the intention is awareness… awareness to the brand. Not to the person. It creates an aversion to a tool that is your livelihood. And again, you can’t get mad… it’s the name of the game… but guess what?! You can most definitely be in your head about it, and that’s the struggle… for real.

Because once you’re in… how to f*ck do you get out?! As everything can very well be made into something…

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