You know what is sad… the fact that no one will ever give or be 100%. There will always be resistance, somewhere… somehow and in someway. It’s unfortunate what we ourselves have done to ourselves. Treating the present as though it is the past… a reoccurrence of it…

In ways it protects you, but in other it restricts you… restricts you in so many ways. It never gives you the opportunity to fully give something a chance, for you are always holding something back. How can you get 100 from something you are only half in on?!

Fear is your worst enemy… constraint and resistance will be cause of any downfall… it always is, as ‘the half in, half out’ method never works. It’s always all in or nothing… is it not?! For how do you think success is achieved… perseverance, and what is perseverance if not all or nothing?! I mean… let’s face it, the only way you get somewhere or something more than what you have is by first throwing your chips in the game.

So I mean, at some point you have to lower the walls and let something in… and when you do, there is only so long as you can stay in limbo. There is a point in which you have to decide… are you all in or not?! Are you committed?! Are you willing?! Or are you going to sit on the fence?! And for how long?!

Because eventually time does run out… eventually people, life… situations get tired of the present being treated as the past… and the universe gives you exactly what you want… which is a repetition of the past, why?! Because you asked for it, you wouldn’t see anything otherwise, you manifested it by blocking and recreating… for you are always the creator of your own demise…

So what I have come to learn is that everyone… most… are on survival for the self, and very few are on survival for the whole… regardless of the scenario. Everyone seems to always be looking out for themselves?! Or are they really?! Or is it only a selective few?! Driving on the past… Holding on…

Because I mean… I am all in. And I gots a story, more than you have ever imagine… and yet here I am. Question is… where are you?!

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