One thing I learnt in life, learnt through life… the one thing my parents taught me… showed me, was you never give up. You hold strong and you keep trying and trying, because one day you will get it and it will be everything you want and more. But you absolutely NEVER give up!

You see I was raised in a family… or rather in an environment, that quitting was never an option. It was ingrained in us. There was always a solution… a way through and no matter what it takes to get there, you get there… you make it happen… you survive! You stay above water. No matter what it took, you pull up your socks and put on your face and get it done. And maybe that is what led me down some dark paths… never dealing and always moving. I mean it’s great and all, but we have to deal with our shit, we have to give ourselves the time… and while growing up we never really had the time. There was always something happening, whether with business or personal, it was never a smooth ride. It was rollercoaster.

It was difficult. It was challenging. But we had to do it, because it was the only way through. And it didn’t matter what came our way… and let me tell you a lot came our way. And because that, there were a lot times I found alternative coping mechanisms to just get through… so that I can pull up my socks and put on my smile… numbing myself to the background noise… avoidance at its finest.

But the thing is, it eventually catches up. And your room starts smelling of shit, why?! Well, because all you have been doing is avoiding and allowing everything to pile and pile… hoarding and holding on to painful and hurtful… defeating memories. Constipated almost. I mean… who wants that?! Let it go. Let it out! Haha… because it will make maneuvering around your room… yourself… your space that much easier. Clean and clear provides clarity.

Anyways back to the topic at hand, giving up… you don’t do it! And I find nowadays, everyone cops out at the slightest bit of difficultly… no one cares to try or put in the effort to push through, they rather look for justifications than look for solutions. I mean… that’s being a little bitch! I’m sorry, excuse my language, but at some point you have to grow up. And maybe I saying this, as I’ve fought so many of my demons and I still am (it’s never ending process), I’ve put in the work and taken the time… I never gave up on myself… okay maybe twice. But I mean, I’m still here… so there must be a reason. It couldn’t have been all for nothing… if it was that would suck!

The point is there are always solutions… ways around and ways out, but the exit should never be an option. Keep it moving but keep it grounded. Know what it is you want and never give up…

Commitment is rare this days, and I mean true commitment… that ride or die shit. Commitment to your word, to who it is you are. Commitment to yourself and what it is you want… and never ever allow someone to influence that, because when you are truly committed you are so confident in who it is you are and what it is you want, that you’re shit is untouchable… your demons are being dealt and handled!

So should you ever give up and walk out, you will always lose… wondering what could have been if you hadn’t…

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