There is so much to it, but nothing to it… if you get want I’m saying. Because love, love is easy, love goes flows, but love is hard… it is scary.

Because love means that someone has the ability to crush you in the palm of their hand within a blink of an eye. Love means that you have handed over control, given the torch to someone other than you. It means you have trusted someone just as much, or just as close, if not more than you trust yourself…

Love means you have given yourself. It is the most out of body experience… it is one thing you are never in control of… it is complete total dependence on the other…

Because what if you love them and they don’t love you?! What if you care for them and they don’t care for you?!

What if one day they wake up and they no longer love you… or better yet, you realize they don’t love the way you do, they don’t fight or care to push through… and poof, everything you know is gone. Everything you thought was real, no longer is… within seconds you lose it all… and there you are… in the middle of the forest lost… confused… alone.

A place you never thought you would be, a place you promised yourself you would never go… again… yet there you are…

Love is scary as shit, because you give yourself in way that can leave yourself vulnerable, giving yourself to only be with yourself… Sometimes… not even loving yourself, yet there you are…

Loving something you never had. Something that was never there, yet thought it was. And yet still hurting… because ‘love’ had you believe it so. But is that love?!

Should we always be scared?! Worried?! Should our insecurities always feed into it all?! Or should there be a point where we become okay?! A point where we accept?!

I once thought I had the answers to those questions… thinking that I know. But honestly I don’t, I haven’t a clue.

And the scariest, most nerve racking question is on where or not there should be a point in which we accept… Because, everytime I’ve accepted, believing the ‘love’ it has never been love…

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