I needed you to leave,
Because I would have never left you.
I needed you to give up,
Because I would have never given up.
I needed you to say it was over,
When I already knew it was…

I needed to breathe…
I just didn’t know how.
Grasping for air…
And the only air in sight
Was out.

Known and aware,
Yet shocked.

It wasn’t a bullet,
It didn’t strike me down…
It was hit.
One I saw coming.
One that was inevitable…
Almost necessary.

I just couldn’t do it…
It needed to be you.

As I would have fought,
Continuing to suffer in silence,
For who knows how long…
As you were stuck…
Caught up in you,
You and only you…
As that was all you saw.

Oblivious to pain felt,
The inflections imposed…
The neglect,
The disrespect
And the inappreciation…
Blinded by self involvement.

So it needed to be you,
As I would stayed…
Only thinking of you.
Sacrificing myself
For one who would never
Do the same for me…

So I thank you…
Thank you
For showing me,
While letting me go.

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