It runs by so fast. When we are young, it is as though it takes forever, but once you pass a certain age… it just flies. In the snap of a finger, a year passes… two, three and boom -four. The year starts and you blink than it’s new year. Just like that.

Time is so precious, we never get it back. It is the most undervalued commodity. You see, money… money you can make, but time… you can’t get time. It comes and it goes… and never returns. Once it is gone, it is forever gone. Yet so many of us forget just how valuable time is, we indulge in excess, allowing it to pass by as though it is worthless, while it being priceless. Treating it as meaningless, as though insignificant to the outcome of life… the circumstances of one’s present state, or better yet, one’s future state.

Time is, literally, of the essence, and yet so many fail to treat it as such, feeding into short term highs over long term gratifications… thinking ‘YOLO’. And yes ‘YOLO’, but ‘yolo’ has a time and place, and that’s another topic all together -sacrifices.

But with that said, the value placed on ‘time’ does require sacrifice… it requires discipline and control. Most importantly, how you spend you time, says more about you then you think…

So the question is how do you spend your time? Do you chill more than most?! Or do you make it a point to do something?! Because I got chilling. Relaxing and taking it easy is always nice. But it isn’t always warranted. It isn’t always deserved. And yet the best of us even fail to realize at times. But it is those that don’t realize at all.

Because those who don’t value their time, will never value of time of others. They won’t care whether or not they waste it, as they themselves waste their own. Need considering it a privilege to have someone’s time, as that time can spent doing something -something completely different. But yet, you devoted that time, because you value your time -while someone sits there disregarding… taking it for granted. Hurt yet saddened… saddened at the fact that they have, yet to learn its value.

And not so much as, that they respected yours… disregarded and neglected it, but more so, because they neglect their own…

Unfortunate… the greatest gift taken for granted. And more so, the lack of awareness to just how much, it says about you -that is, who it is you are, what you like, what you value… what you care about and prioritize… most importantly, how you show up as…

Its value is neglected in so many ways… we look it is as just time. But the thing is, it isn’t just time…

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