I was going to give it a chance 
Until I realized I had a choice…
Losing me or losing you. 
For a second
Almost lost myself…
To only be reminded
Of who it is I am…
And that’s something,
I’m not willing to lose. 
Something you neglected to consider…
Failed to realize,
As the threat was far too great,
Hence the mistreatment 
And disrespect…
Building yourself up
As you teared me down…
The thing is,
My strength has been built 
Through countless adversities,
My being has a power like no other…
As obstacles have always been a part of the game,
Surrendering never an option. 
For I was breed to win,
Raised to keep pushing…
That’s why I’m still standing
With everything that I have, 
And more on the way.
Maybe next time
You’ll realize the Royal Flush 
You were holding,
And treat it as such,
Rather than devaluing it
To then only fold,
As though it was a 27 off suit. 
So I chose me…
I chose me over you.

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