The most important, yet most difficult thing in life is knowing the self. Especially nowadays, as social media and public image… persona has infiltrated society. It is all about what things look like –instagramable. And I mean yes everyone wants an instagram life, but I mean do you?! And what do you even think it is?! Luxury and fame?! You do nothing but post pictures?!

Pretty sure it doesn’t work like that. You need to actually work, get sponsors, followers, provide value and create content. It isn’t just do nothing… nothing in life is just do nothing. Everything is an exchange and requires an exchange. But because we have been fed this images and videos of lifestyle. We come too think we are entitled to the same, but are we?! We are really doing what it takes to get there?!

Or we just thinking ‘hey I can do that’ and not do it?! I mean, we can’t get mad. Let’s be real here, do you get paid if you don’t go to work? Chances are not. And yet, here we are thinking we are entitled simply because we think we can, and not doing what we can.

And then there is the other side, where we pretend. We pretend we have that lifestyle… I mean, come on now. It goes right back to thinking you can while not doing. It’s fake as fuck. If you are going to talk about it, then be about it. I get the whole fake it until you make it, but you have actually be working to eventually make it, you can’t just play pretend. You can’t just expect… expect that if it looks like it, it will be it. Definitely not!

The problem is so many of us are denial. We don’ even know who we are because we cling to these illusions… distractions of someone else’s highlight reel. Because that is what it is… a highlight reel. Everyone displaying the best of their life, never the worst… just a collection of life’s greatest moments to date. It doesn’t show someone’s struggles, battles, worries, fears and doubts… just their greatest life experiences. And we feed into this illusion that it’s all perfect and effortless.

There is a reason why the most financially successful people are 5amers… it’s not because they wake up at 5am and yoga, chill, walk, socialize -NO! It’s because they are waking up to work, to ensure things stay in motion so that they stay in motion. But we just see the luxury and feed into it. Never acknowledging what happens behind the scenes

I was raised in a family where a lot happened behind the scenes, it was rollercoaster of a ride, but you would never know it -never think it. It was picture perfect on the outside and only if you knew you knew. Yes, we lived and still live a very fruitful life but it comes at a cost. There is always a battle to fight, because as you grow, your responsibilities grow. You can’t have one without out the other. It must balance. Assets vs. liability. And very few fail to realize… the bigger empire the more exposure you have to being attacked.

Success always comes at cost. It is never just given. It is earned through blood, sweet and toil. Keeping strong, holding on and letting go. And that takes a lot… I mean a lot…

But all we see is success -however we define it. And then we try to match it -pretending and confused. Not knowing who we really are, as we are so caught up in the image –instagramable moment. So much so, that were so busy pretending we lose ourselves… we lost sight of reality. We deny what is real. We deny ourselves.

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