You see the thing is,
You gave up on me too early…
A negative for you,
While a positive for me…
For now I’m free.

For I had your back all along,
As I knew what you wanted,
And I knew what I wanted…

And I was willing,
And capable to make it happen.

As I found out quickly,
You would have never had…
All too entitled,
Wanting everything and more,
Yet doing nothing for it.

All talk no action…

You wanted the appearance,
Without the work.
The life without the hustle…
A gravy train without struggle…

Demanding from me
What you failed to do
For yourself…
Build a life.
It was what I was doing
The whole time.

I was equipped,
I had been equipped.
And you doubted and questioned,
While being privy to it all.

Fighting so hard,
Against all the negativity,
While being the only one pushing…

To be given an out?!
Yes, please!

And yet you said,
‘They all come back’
Not me. Sorry.

I know what I had,
And I know what you had,
And hunni…
I am good.
Trust me.

I did my wrong,
But I made up.

The thing is,
It wasn’t all that bad.
We had a bond,
A great one…
But one which didn’t work.

As there were plans at play.
But all you could think of
Was yourself…

Failing to realize
I was always thinking about us.
Throwing it all away…

Neglecting to consider,
As insecurities and self-sabotage
Took a hold.

And when it all unfolded…
It was as though,
The universe was protecting me,
While guiding you.

Because I would have had to work for you,
Hustle not only for me,
But for you…
And that would have been fine,
Had you appreciated it.

But you were too busy,
Too doubtful and insecure,
Caught up in instant gratification…
As the appearance of having money
Took precedence.
More so,
Then actually having it…

So I wish you well,
As I will always love you in some regard…
For you gave me
What I have today…

Without your loss,
I wouldn’t have won.

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