You either want someone
That will push you to be better…
Do better
Or you want someone
That will comfort exactly what you are…
Who you are…
Confine to your state of being.

That is,
You either want the challenge for more…
Or you want to just be as is…
The choice is yours,
And there isn’t a wrong choice,
But there is a choice.

A choice to stick with comfort,
Or pick challenge.

The thing is what you choose
Isn’t always what you end up with,
Because as much as it is our choice…
The universe always matches our vibe…
As it is knows who we are.

So whether it be by our hand,
Or that of a greater force,
The universe will only allow
That which is consistent to who we are…
What we need,
And what we want.

Now it’s up to you to find beauty in that….

And should you find yourself feeling a way,
Then understand
That the only one is question
Is you…

As we are always manifesting,
Whether we vibrate high
Or vibrate low…

We always get
What is meant.
Nothing more,
Nothing less.

So with that said,
All I got to say is
Thank you…
Thank you for leaving
When it all started,
When it was just beginning,
In the midst of it getting good.

For it showed me
Many things…

For the vibe was mismatched…

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