Let’s chat… chat about the state of mind of people these days. The fact that no one cares to try to understand, conceptualize what things are about anymore… or even were about. Let’s chat about the fact that no one bothers to put in effort to have things work and grow. The first sight at something being off, it’s like ‘Oooh no, cancel’, without even a thought as to why. Just the sole entitlement that everything ought to be the way we want it to be, the way we expect it to be, and if not, we out faster than we came in. Cancelling everything without considering the ground it was built on and why… as though we are knocking down 20 story building simply because one block was out of place, I mean… why would you fix the block, when you can just knock it all down and start all over again?! What a ridiculous concept! It’s much better to spend more resources on rebuilding, rather than simply correcting the one thing.

Let’s chat about the fact that we are so self consumed, we dare not consider alternative perspectives, because should they challenge ours… they are wrong, or better yet, they think they are better! Let’s chat about the fact that if things are not to our standards… our expectations, demanding that others meet what we require, without considering what they need, cancel! We out! Let’s chat about how we give in receipt of return, no longer selflessly giving, but rather selfishly offering with expectations that others bend knee. As though, we are the great ones, the all-knowing, entitled to having our needs met at all costs, regardless of the fact if we ourselves aren’t living up to the standards we place on others. It’s doesn’t matter… we must pleased!

I mean it’s all so ridiculous if you ask me… the lack of effort, the entitlement to having expectations met on our terms to our standards, without even considering if we are ourselves are living up to what we ask from others. We place such much importance on deriving happiness and satisfaction by means of the actions of others, that we forget to look for happiness within ourselves, with what we can control. We refuse to accept what we can’t change, demanding it to be changed, because otherwise if it isn’t… we won’t be able to go on and find satisfaction. It’s like a sour baby… a sore loser… and not in the sense that they loss something, but in the sense that they are incapable of working for something.

Because G** forbid if we actually have to work for something… if we actually have to put in effort to find contentment within life, within ourselves. I mean… life and the world must cater to us and everything it is we want and expect… because, you know life works like that! It’s totally fair and always grants everything it is that you want and expect, like poof… next day on your door step! You didn’t even have to lift a finger, it was just right there for you.

I roll my eyes… and I laugh… I make jokes, because it’s literally come to a point of ridiculousness… grown ass people are actually living life on this mentality. Some to an extreme degree and others to a range… and of course, there are those that have grown up and pay no mind… they just do, they don’t demand or expect. They don’t wait around, counting on, relying and hoping that something… or someone, will give them everything. Check all the boxes… even add some sparkles on top.

It’s not going to happen. Life doesn’t work like that, it doesn’t give you what you ask for, it gives you what you work for… and that is, internally and externally. So if you sit there ignoring it all, telling yourself you deserve it, it must be, it will be, without actually putting effort… it will never be… hard truth! But it must be said as some people in to grow up!

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