The hardest thing is the comfort,
The level is establish at,
For it is hard to trust,
After all you have given…
After all that has happened.

To then allow someone in…
Someone unworthy,
Some unappreciative…

And not due to your merits,
But theirs…
it makes you wonder…

Why bother?
Why try again?!
You thought you found it…
But you didn’t….

So what’s the point?!

Why bother?!

Who wants to be comfortable again?!
To only be let down..
Another tick on the losing board…
Faith and hopefulness letting you down…

For when just you thought you had it,
They weren’t strongest enough to keep it…
Why even try?!
Why put yourself in that position again,
The one where,
It just gets pulled beneath your feet,
And all is lost.


Why try to find comfort again,
If comfort never seems to stay…

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