A lot of us, including myself, use language, or rather words that suggests a ‘lack’ of something, rather than ones coming a place of abundance. Words such as ‘need’, ‘want’, ‘have to’, etc. rather than words like, ‘ready’, ‘willing’, ‘opened’, ‘deserve’, etc. The former suggests a state of lack, whereas the latter comes from a place of fulfillment. 

So why is this important?! Well, because our external dialogue reflects our internal state of being, which in turn impacts and influences our behaviours and actions. Because what we think about we bring about, and most importantly what we resist is what we give power too. So if we are using language that comes from a place of lack, we are empowering ‘lack’ and by empowering lack we are bringing it about; and the same goes for abundance. If we use language that comes from a place of abundance, we are empowering ‘abundance’ and by empowering abundance we are bringing it about. 

It’s the classic subconscious mind at play imposing on our conscious state, which of course determines the choices made and the decisions acted on. Hence why it is so important to flip the script, take control over our external dialogue so that we can transform our internal one. And once we transform our internal dialogue, everything changes… our mind no longer chases fulfillment, but fulfills fulfillment.

For example, in the case of ‘needing’ versus ‘ready’. Are we feeling as though we need more or that we are ready for more. Or better yet, are we ‘needing’ or ‘ready’ for change. You see, when we say we need something, it is because we feel as though we are missing something; but if we say we are ready for that something, it isn’t that we feel we are missing it, it is that we are in a position to receive it, and that alone shifts our perspective which in turn will shift our actions… Will we resist it?! Won’t we resist it?! Will we allow or not allow?! This all while our emotions and thoughts move to a place that is outside of desperation into a place of worthiness.

The same goes for wanting something, it suggests lack, coming from a place of ‘needing’… desiring, but shift your language to ‘deserve’, it will having you thinking twice. For example, ‘I want this coat’ versus ‘I deserve this coat’. Two vary different things, two vary different meanings, yet both entailing the desire for the coat. But one suggests an unwarranted -empty desire, whereas the other suggests one that is more warranted. Because you actually have to ask yourself, do you deserve it?! Or do you just want it?! 

You see we can want a lot of things, and we can very much be entitled to receiving them, but to want something solely on the fact that you want it holds no substance to the desire, but merely the fact that you want it. Whereas, ‘deserving’ you would think twice about that which you want, it adds substance -value, a sense of credential, which down the line will have you ‘wanting’ less as you would have to be worthy of more. In other words, wanting something requires nothing, meaning you just have to want it; being deserving of something requires being worthy of it, which is much more fulfilling as you aren’t chasing the desire, but rather you are living up to it. So that now alters your actions, because regardless of the desire, are you worthy of fulfillment?!

Therefore, not only will shifting language from ‘lack’ to abundance give you more abundance, it will push you towards it. As it will have you appreciating more of what is already present, while obtaining that wasn’t it; and it will do so without resistance, as it will actually welcome and promote it subconsciously while manifesting it consciously. 

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