So there is saying… ‘tell me who your friends are, and I will tell you who you are…’, now I agree, but only to an extent. Because yes you are your friends, but every friends is a different piece of you, every friend fits differently in who you are and how you are… why you are. So yes, who you interact dictates a fraction of who you are… but the question is what fraction?! And what does it dictate?! Most importantly, to what degree?!

For example, you can have friends that are levelling up, but that isn’t to say you’re levelling up… you may in fact simply be watching them, envious and alluded. As though, putting on an act and tagging along. Believing that should stick with them, you too will be them. But sorry, that isn’t the case. Effort and work is required, and unless they are helping you… guiding and leading you… inspiring you to take action, and the thing is maybe they are, but if you don’t do anything and simply tag along… never to take action -you’re friends are simply an illusion of who you want to be. And not of who you are.

Because what matters is what is at the core. Yes, hang with people that will do better and be better, but if you aren’t yourself committed to the same thing, if you aren’t actually taking action on their notions, but rather admiring them… looking awe at just how fabulous they are, rather to trying to become that. It doesn’t matter who you hang with, you’re still loser.. hahaha. I hate to say that, but thinking you’re cool because you hang out with the cool kids, is probably stupidest thing ever.

You are cool because you are cool. It’s doesn’t matter who you hang out with, as much as it does what you are actually doing… what you stand for -who you show up as. Because the reverse works the same, what if none of your friends are levelling up, but there you are pushing and pushing to be better and do better, just because friends aren’t doing anything, doesn’t mean you aren’t either. Maybe there is just an attachment there, a comfort of a sort. History.

Furthermore, even if you have the grandest of friends, if you aren’t in tune with who you are and what it is you stand for, the connection founded is based on a falsity. For you have yet to have a concrete answer for the one thing that is constant -that is you. And how could one arrive at a conclusion without a consistent variable?! You can’t.

That’s why yes, it matter who your friends are, but it also matters who you are?! Because you may want grand things… but are those desires reflective of not only your friends, but of you?!

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