First, let’s start by understanding what alignment really is, or rather what is meant by alignment. When speaking of alignment, it is alignment of the mind and body, alignment to the soul. Most importantly, it is the alignment of our thoughts and words with our actions. It essentially is the integrity of one’s being. Harmony through and through…

So on to the importance, without alignment there is chaos. Chaos within the mind and body, which makes room of dissatisfaction, unfulfilled desires, wants and goals. It creates disassociation between what we think and what we do… what we say and what we mean. And most importantly, what we actually follow through with. Because once there is a disassociation between mind and body, the gap will continue to grow and one will be completely unaware of its separation. Which only creates further chaos, eventually resulting in unhappiness, as one isn’t in harmony with that that they want. They are off balance and out of sorts.

Alignment requires honesty, it requires truth and realness. It requires one to call themselves out and acknowledge if what they say is different from what they do. And that is important when it comes to happiness, as one can really only be fulfilled when the two are in alignment. Or else, all we really feel is a mix of entitlement, dissatisfaction and disconnect. Confusion as to why nothing pans out as we would like it too. Leading to the blame game, victimizing and pity parties… all in the hopes to lick our wounds and heal them, when we were the ones to create them.

You see the answers never lie outside of us, they are always within us. Everything that we want is always within our reach, but it is our job to align ourselves in order to make it possible. If we aren’t in harmony, if our words don’t meet our actions or our actions our words, our wants and desires get further and further away from us. As we aren’t actually doing anything toward attaining them, but wishful thinking… wishful dreaming. Crossing our fingers, then wondering why life is what it is. When really life is what you align with -what you harmonize with.

why is alignment important

And if you can’t align your words with actions or your actions your words, how could expect anything good to come from the chaos that you exhibit within yourself as a being. For nothing good can come from chaos, and yet so many of us seem to think that it does. Or that it could. And I mean, it’s a bit ridiculous to think reimbursement comes without payout. As everything in life is an exchange.

So it really is about getting clear what who it is you are and how it is you have been showing up, so that you can align yourself with what exactly it is that you want. Have your actions meet your words. Because only then will you really see what it is you have been missing and need to act on. Or else, the gap will continue to grow, and you will lose yourself faster than you could ever imagine.

But worst of all, you won’t be able to acknowledge the good from the bad… what is beneficial and what isn’t. You’d be in such chaos within yourself that you will self-sabotage, as you won’t know how to hold anything dear. Granted that, you can’t see even see how sweet it really is, so out of sorts within your being, you neglect it. And therefore, further and further away from that which you hope to have, pushing it away due to the confusion that resides within you.

And that my friends sucks, because it not only keeps you for your goals, but it keeps you from anything good. It keeps from not knowing yourself and being true to who you are and what you want. It leaves you confused and lacking confidence… feeling like you’re less than -a failure.

When really the only failure is in not being true to you. So the real importance of alignment is truth of the self, confidence within your words and actions -integrity. Because only then can one be truly fulfilled -satisfied… confident. And that is, in knowing that no matter what they say, if they say it, it will be. For they are so completely aligned within themselves, that they won’t be wishfully thinking or speaking… but rather manifesting. Making it come to be.

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