What do we really need? From life, love, career… What do we actuality need?! And what do we want? Most importantly, what do we think we need that we actually just want? That ideal image scenario… the ‘what it is suppose to look like’ and be. Yearning for it, so much so, you comprise yourself… disregarding and overlooking as it fits the image of the ideal –your ideal. But is our ideal what we need?! Or is it illusion?!

Because I mean… I’ve always had this vision of my life with aspects being a certain way, some more traditional then others, while others not so much. And the thing is we hold on to these visions… these illusions of how things have to be.. ought to be, especially in the case of love. And even when we get older, we hold on tighter to our illusions of what things have to be… what everything needs to look like, in order to be ‘happy’.

But honestly, nothing needs to look like anything. Happiness is about finding it within what you have, and build from there. It is about working with what you got to get to where you want to be. But because we feed so much into these illusions, we don’t see pass to what is to be… we attribute our happiness to picture perfect image we envisioned. And take it a step further, placing an importance on the perceptions by others.

So not only neglecting and closing the door, due to our blinders, but we shut off. We become alluded by our own illusions, we feed into them, believing they are the sauce, when really what we are looking for are the ingredients. Because not everything is as it seems… most of everything is a mirage.

Real from afar… up close and personal… not so much. Everything always looks shiny and nice from the outside, but take a step in… it’s always different. And yet, we fool ourselves into believing the mirage of others… the illusions of the picture perfect. Always failing to realize nothing ever is what it seems… there is always more to the story.

But all we ever see is the ideal situation… the results… the rewards. Never truly present to the process of what it took. And so we expect for our own, without inkling of the sweat that went into the cooking. So blinded by the thought of the taste, that you miss out on the recipe made…

So narrow-minded into seeing only that which in on the surface, refusing to look beyond…

And the thing is we do this with almost every aspect of life… we cling on to illusion of what it all has to look like… we forget the ingredients for what it needs to taste like…

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