So this goes for any break up, whether it be romantic or just a friendship, or even a partnership… when we are in relationships we tend to focus our attention toward them. Now it is neither good or bad, it is what it is. We switch our focus and no longer direct toward ourselves, simply because of the presence of someone else. It’s natural and it happens subconsciously.

And because of that, we lose ourselves after the break up. We feel a void, an emptiness, as though a piece of us is missing… something is off and not right. For so long we have been a set circumstance, whether it be romantically or not, there was a partnership. A partnership which took a space in your life and when it’s gone, it is only natural to feel like part of your soul… your heart is gone.

You see, when we care about someone, we give them our love. And without even realizing we forget to love ourselves during the process, relying on their love… their kindness to keep us warm. And when it’s gone, we lose that love, feeling only the love we carry for them. In that moment, not only does the lost of love hurt and what hurts more is the feeling of having so much to give and no where to put it… no one to give it too.

Regardless who left or what the circumstances were to the separation, whether mutual or not… a break up will always hurt. For simple reason stated above. Self neglect. So what that means is a whole lot of self love is required to more forward. That love that you have and don’t know where to put it… give to you. Redirect your attention back to yourself. Ask yourself what do you want.

Because I bet, for so long you were probably thinking ‘what they want’… ‘what should I get them’… ‘maybe they won’t like that’…. and so on and so forth. And I’m not saying it’s a bad thing, it is natural to have and put someone on the forefront. But what isn’t good is neglecting yourself along the way, regardless if you are getting love in return or not, you always need self-love. And outside love can and will cloud that fact, but never forget it! It is how you move forward.

You move forward by remembering you in replace of ‘forgetting thrm’. You move forward by pampering yourself, and making it about you in replace of ‘deleting them’. It isn’t about forgetting them, deleting them or even ignoring them. It is about redirecting yourself toward yourself. Simply because you neglected to do so within the relationship… and again that is natural, so don’t beat yourself up about it! Just know how to move forward from it… which YOU! Be selfish with all your love, until you are ready to give it! And most importantly, don’t try to replace that love, don’t distract yourself from giving yourself that love by looking outward for it.

Fill the void yourself. As it is the only way to heal and move forward. You must always be full, or else what would you pour?! So focus on you. Do the things that have you healing and growing. Developing and manifesting. Why?! Because love will always find you, when you’re busy doing you.

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