You know you most beautiful thing about always being curious… always discovering, working on uncovering. Is that there is always something to learn. And when you uncover it, it’s gold. It changes everything. A missing pieces to the puzzle… like we are never finished. Not until the day we die. Life is about putting the pieces of puzzle together. And not externally, but internally. As our external is a reflection of our internal.

We are never finished. And as much as we want to say we are, we aren’t… life is always about the flow of things. Movement or lack of… forward, backward or stagnant. That’s what it means to exist in time and space. Only once is cease to exist are we finished. For there is forever movement, even in non-movement. This goes for both internal and external. Life is duality. It is cause and effect. Exchange. Balance.

So what I mean by this, is that, if we think we are finished in one aspect we won’t excel in the other. And vice versa. Thinking we are done healing… done growing… done learning. We are wrong. Plain and simple. You won’t solve a math problem using an outdated formula… why would you do long division if you can do short?! Basically.

And it is when we insist on one over the other… or when we neglect one for the other… whatever it may be, it causes turbulence. Because life is about change, balance and duality. Science proves spiritually in the sense of karma. Where there is an action there is a reaction. And if you aren’t harmonizing when the two, something always falls off…

And that’s the beauty…

In the sense that if you maintain that duality.. that balance, commit yourself to it. There is so much greatness. Out of this world. Mind blowing. Maybe I’m just a nerd. Or a spiritual scientist solving the puzzle of me. But honestly, so much has been revealed in such a blessed way. And only duality within lessons but duality within self.

And self changes everything… Because what you give internally, is what you can give externally. Mostimpoetantlt, is what you will recieve in turn. And you can’t give out what you don’t put in. In other words, you can’t buy what you can’t afford. You have to have the means to give, in order to give. Which in turn positions us to recieve. So by thinking we are finished… we halt the process of where we meant to be. Stalling and creating obstacles.

So bottom line is, there is nothing like growing on the inside and exuding on the outside. For a plant doesn’t grow unless it’s roots are watered…

And so, if you water those roots.. life is in your hands…

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