So interesting as I saw a remember of set topic to then log on and see its unfinished release scheduled. The universe truly is magical…

Any who, why must we accept that we are alone?! What is its importance?! Plain and simple is… we are always alone. In the sense that 80% of our lives are lived in our heads, and whether spiritual or not, present or aligned… our subconscious mind is always registering. Most of the time without us even knowing…

And being alone allows for silence… silence allows for clarity… and clarity allows understanding… and understanding breeds confidence. Because if you understand something, you know something. You have knowledge… you have experience. But you can only understand experience through silence. Intuitively listening to self.

Because in the end of it, all we have is ourselves. And that may sound a bit dark, so to say. But no one looks back at you brushing your teeth in the morning every morning, but you. We may have our people. And we don’t discredit, but in the end, only we live with the choices we make. No one else. Ultimately, everything is our decision. And the more we cloud our judgment based on the opinions of others along with the expectations of ourselves . The more lose ourselves. As the noise takes over.

And it leaves you lost and confused, impulsively making decisions. And that is why silence is key. It allows our brain to process. Reconfigure. Reframe. Restructure. Most importantly, listen. If don’t give ourselves silence, we don’t hear our own voice. And when we don’t hear our own voice, we are unable to know what it’s saying…

Is it negative?! Positive?! Is it reliving the past?! Or is it in the present?! What is it being triggered?! Etc.. etc.. etc. When we spend our time distracting ourselves with noise, such as feel good things, and not taking time to actually listen. We can easily lose ourselves in the chaos within us. Because rather than, tuning in to the one thing that’s constant -self, we tune in to everything but…

Imagine how the radio would sound flipping the channels in search of a signal… messy… noisey… static… landing on channels, regardless of their clarity… so long as they catch signal, that’ll be the one coming through.

And that’s why it is important to accept being alone, because only you are the one receiving the signal. Only you are the one transmitting the signal. To allow interference, alternative cell towers to disrupt reception only creates static… static which corrupts the message… corrupts the signal. So the sooner we realize that we are alone, and we accept we are alone, the sooner we can embrace the power of being alone. And that is tuning in… to self.

Another thing to note, that is probably the most important is, that it is only you that lives your life. Meaning it’s only you that deals with the effects of your choices, actions and decisions. No one else. So should the signal be disrupted, the message misconstrued, it’s only ever you doing the repairs on your tower. No one else. Therefore, allowing for disruption only ever impacts you…

Once you accept you’re alone, you can begin to learn the power of being alone… and there is so much power in that. For you have the control, you can change anything and everything with just one move… one choice. And as much as it is pains you not blame others, it is much more painful to assume the role of suffering. Because living a life according to all else but self is one of misery. So though, there may be fear in being alone and it all being on you is that… it is all on you. You’re the one in the driver’s seat. Where do you want to go?! Don’t worry about anyone else, because regardless you’re going, so people either come with you or they stay behind.

Because in the end of it… it is always and only you. It’s scary, but it’s powerful.

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