One word GRATITUDE. Gratitude for what you have, regardless if it is what you want. As it still what you have, which can in fact be more than most. Expressing thanks for the things in your life, aside from whether or not you want more, allows for presence and appreciation. And when you are present, living with appreciation for life and all the things within it, you welcome more good things. Aka blessings, granted that you are coming from a place of love and acceptance, not focused on the ‘not’, but rather focus on the what is. And when we focus on what is, we can build; but when we focus on what is not, we can’t, as we are so caught up in the negative of the situation rather than the positive.

Negativity will have you spiralling downward, whereas positivity will have spiralling upward. Because the thing is, regardless of where we are, whether it is where we want to be, we must accept that it is where we are so that we can grow. Or else, we will be continue being caught up in what it isn’t, that we won’t able to build on what is… because we aren’t even looking there. We are so focused in the opposite direction, that we are unable to see anything but. So gratitude is the first step. The second is to get real. Make space by analyzing what is and what isn’t, what do we want and how are we showing up.

We all want the finer things in life, we all want to live our best life, but most of the time we are unaware of what needs to be done in order to do so. We believe that we need to work harder, do more and all will be. And in some cases it will, but in most cases it won’t, especially when your maturity isn’t maturing. In other words, if you aren’t learning from your mistakes or mishaps, you won’t be able to receive, as you will continue to make the same mistakes and mishaps. Because how we grow is by improving, and how we improve is by learning what needs improving. Most importantly, cutting out what isn’t both service and benefit to improvement. 

So what does that mean… cut out the fat. How?! By asking endless questions, most importantly knowing why… Answering ‘why?!’ is the key to everything. Because when you know why, you come to understand ‘how’, and once you understand ‘how’… you have the solution, or rather, a path to the solution. 

Check Yourself

What is it that you want?! What are you doing?! What are you saying?! How are you feeling?! Or better yet, what are you feeling?! Do your words match your actions?! And your actions your words?! Are you showing up as what it is you want?! Are you embodying the person you want to be?! The person that has what you want?! Or are you living as though you don’t have too?!

Checking yourself is the first step, because once you know where and how it is you are operating, you can make the necessary adjustments. What needs changing, what needs improving; most importantly, what requires your attention?! This will give you the answers you need to align yourself with what it is you see for yourself and your life. From there it is a matter of checking the people around you.

Check Your Circle

Who is around you?! What do they do?! What do they know?! Most importantly, do they aligned with what you want?! Do they have what you want?! And not in the superficial sense, but on a deeper level. Are they content with their life?! How do they speak?! Negative or positive?! What do they speak about?! Gossip or real life things?! Most importantly, how do they make you feel?! Do you feel uplifted when you’re with them?! Or do you feel lack, as though, you ‘need’ to be more?! What do you do together?! Are they progress activities or distractions?!

All these things matter, because if you are trying to grow, you must surround yourself with those that are growing. And not, just on a basic level. In other words, the same questions you asked yourself, ask about them. Do their words match their actions?! Are they happy?! Or do they just act as though they are… are they accepting heir circumstances as is, or are they actively changing… directing them toward happiness?! Gratitude?! Alignment?!

A lot of people play pretend, and if your circle consists of those more focus on how things look, they won’t ever be the ones to help guide you toward how things feel. And how things feel is how we truly get our blessings. As our energy will dictate our growth and our growth dictates our blessings. And we can only grow if the people and environment that surrounds us allows us to grow.

Check Your Environment

What environment are you in?! Is it supportive?! Is it not?! Most importantly, what it is supportive of?! Limiting beliefs, lack, struggle, worry, pain or it is positive, enlightening, empowering?! Does it align with what you want?! Does it align with how you see your life?! Where you see yourself going?! Or it is inconsistent?! Is there something missing?!

Our environment is probably the most important piece of the puzzle. For a flower can’t grow without sun, without water, so no matter how much work you do on yourself, if your environment is toxic, your growth will be stunted. Easily pulled backwards. And you don’t want that, especially if you have worked on yourself and clearing those around out who aren’t of benefit, to still be in an environment that doesn’t service you, but rather hinders you.

In conclusion…

We must mind everything around us, starting with ourselves and ending with everything else. Once we clear our path from that which is toxic, we can welcome that which isn’t. But if we refuse, if we fail to clear the things within us and around, we won’t have room for blessings. Only room for lessons. So strict in your questioning, so that you can be real with where you are at, because once you know that you can connect the dots to where you desire to be. Implementing and taking actions toward what it is you consider your best life.

And never forget to express gratitude, even for the things that aren’t, because they gave you what is. And that is really where the gold lies. We can do all the self check within ourselves and those around us, including our environment, but if we aren’t grateful for where we are at, we won’t ever make to where we want to be.

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