Let’s chat -self discovery. What does it mean? How deep do you go? What do you use? How do you use stillness? Presence? Distractions? I recently, came across the idea of Human Design, each and everyone of us is distinctly defined by the configuration and function of our chakra channels, within themselves as well as in relation to each other. Different configurations, different functions will entail different outcomes… a different way of being, a different part of us and who it is that we are. And essentially of this school of thought, is to provide a deeper understanding not only of, who you are and how it is you function, but the way you were designed to function. Better yet, how you were designed to function in alignment with the universe. What is your role?! Your purpose in the grand scheme of things.

And honestly, it is a game changer. I mean actual game challenger. There is so much to be taken from the insight provided as it offers clarity on you and how it is you operate, or ought to operate; most importantly, it explains how and why things go wrong… or don’t work out. As if explaining weaknesses and downfalls as actual strengths, which can be used for your benefit, essentially working with it and not against. Which in actuality is the key to bettering anything. Is understanding where your strengths reside and acknowledging where weakness lies, so that you continue building on strengths while working on where you fall short. In other words, working with the so-called ‘imperfections’ that make us -us. And actually make up our strengths -give us our strength, insofar that we are functioning in accordance with our human design.

Because our imperfections are what shine light onto who it is we are, as well as who it is we are meant to be. In addition, it allows us to see why and how. See why we are the way we are, why it is that certain things work or don’t, why we work better one way than another… so many things. It illustrates how we are meant to pursue, to follow through… to act and show up. And again among many other things.

Our human design grants us the opportunity to understand ourselves at a deep level, a cosmic one. It shows us the way we think, why we think, how it is we think… and none of it good or bad, just an understanding. It gives us the ability to accept ourselves, because we understand ourselves, and better yet, we know how to operate with how it is we function.

For example, I can be very quick to anger when there is disruption. And that’s because I find solute in peace, and if there isn’t peace my immediate response is aggression. I used to think that as a bad thing, and like I still do, aggression shouldn’t ever be a first response, but now that I understand that it is a part of my human design, I can accept why it is I do it. I used to always be so hard on myself, as the anger would only cause more disruption, leaving feeling as though I was the problem. When really the problem was the lack of peace. Now that doesn’t change that it is something that requires working on, but it does change my blaming myself. And if you know anything about blaming yourself, you can definitely get into a depressive spiral.

Another example, was an understanding of my energy levels. There is times where I could stay up until all hours working, no sleep, pure focus… then other times, where I’m a lazy fuck… excuse my language. But it’s true. Where I’m just blah, don’t feel like doing anything, and I won’t. And again, something else I would get down on myself about. And there are even times, I would implement routines such as going to bed early, I would either not be able to sleep or I would wake up exhausted. And I never understood why, it really bothered me. Then I realized it is part of my human design. I’m fed energy when a task is to be completed, once completed it is rest time. So these burst energy that I get are a part of my creation, which actually doesn’t allow me to be consistent… so it is a matter of accepting that as who I am. Again, that doesn’t mean I can’t work on it, it means I accept it and am no longer beating myself over it. Which now allows me to work with it and not against.

And that is really what it is about, it is about accepting how it is we function and ought to operate so that we can work with it… counteract, rather than react. It is a more of finding solutions that work with the situation and not the problem. Because in the end, we can’t change what we are unwilling to accept, and we can’t accept what we don’t know. So it will begins with knowing, knowledge of self -the awareness of self, which in turn opens up so many more possibilities of who you will become…

It is a beauty thing knowing and discovering who and why you are…

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