Words can’t describe the power that hold within ourselves. There is so much that we are capable of, yet unable to see, due to limiting beliefs and negativity. Living in a world of constant comparison, who has what, and this and that. Insecurities on the forefront now more than ever due to social media. All we see are highlight reels, our brain registering them as everyday matter of fact. Believing life is so grand of everyone, but not for us. We sit there analyzing everything that isn’t right comparing it to everything that’s happening to everyone else. Problem is, all we see are highlights, not reality. Comparing apples to oranges. 

Furthermore, even if we know the lows, it doesn’t change the fact that we compare. We internalize. As our brains are so accustom to that sort go thought process that we sometimes don’t even notice it happening. You see, how we understand anything is through relation, and what is relation of not comparison. The thing is, society has shown us to compare to others, but we ought to only compare to ourselves. Because comparing to others, is comparing apples to oranges. It’s fruit. But fruit grown differently… watering, harvest, ripening times and cycles are different… what they need and how they grow are different… climate, surroundings and environment are different… vitamins and nutrients are different… they look different and they taste different. But yet, we compare. 


Because again, how we understand anything is by comparing something. And when we are so outside of ourselves, all we do is internalize the external. We focus on the outside, neglecting the inside. And we not only did this within ourselves but we do so in reference to others. And when we do so, we only see what we see, we are limited to our understanding as to what is outside of us. As we only understand in relation -perspective. Our viewpoint. We all have lens, just different prescriptions. And trying to wear someone else’s lens to see, won’t ever give you clear vision. Especially if you don’t know your own prescription.

Hence why self-awareness is massive. We must first know what we are working with, before knowing who we are working with… and it isn’t a matter of knowing others, it is a matter of knowing ourselves so that we can relate to others, but not compare. We must only and ever compare ourselves to ourselves. 

And this goes back to the article, The Importance of Accepting That We Are Always Alone, the understanding that it is only us. Everyone is living their own, they aren’t worried about you, they are worried about themselves. They are having the same experiences as you, just different. The motions are the same, the circumstances are distinct. In the end, everyone has something. And everyone’s something is within them, not you. So to worry about the external as defining the internal has us neglecting that they too may be doing the same. And it is either projection or reflection. We either reflect and internalize or internalize and project. Hence the importance of knowing yourself.

Only once we know ourselves, digging deeper into who we are and why, are we able to see that through our understanding of ourselves are we able to understand others around us. Accepting that not everything is about us, and we shouldn’t make it such. For that, we come to understand that when we do making it about us, it is because of us, where we are at and what we neglect to see in ourselves. Granted that, the answers are within us -always. The answers for why we are triggered, why we feel a way or don’t, why act or avoid… it all lies within ourselves. And that is our power. Because once we tap into it, everything changes.

When we are able to note our strengths and acknowledge our weaknesses, we can begin to work through and move pass. Relying solely on ourselves for the ups and the downs. Understanding the spring about lessons that require learning. Internalizing ways that allow introspection, rather than outward projection. As that is how we grow, how we learn, how we stand on our power. It only and always lies within us.

Because here is the secret…

It all lies within meaning… what we make it all mean?! We can allow things to overcome us or we can overcome things… but that is a whole another article, nevertheless all resides within us. Most importantly, it resides in what we make it mean…

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