My favourite. As it is easier said than done. For life will have us questioning and doubting, worried and stressed -yearning for control on that which we have no control. When really it is a matter of trust and surrendering. But most importantly tapping into to everything that has you tapping out. It is about figuring out why you don’t embrace your power. And that requires looking in the mirror and diving deep.

Because here is the thing, once upon time you did. We all did. But then life happened. We fail, we fall, people hurt and betray us… and life doesn’t meet our expectations of what we thought. And so we develop a story around it, a narrative which justifies it. A narrative that keeps us living in the past in hopes to understand and control the future. But that story keeps us playing small, as it has us living with limits and restrictions to ‘minimize’ the harm.

Granted that most believe that should they play by the rules they will win the game. But that’s rarely case. As you win by creating your own rules… colouring outside of the lines. So when we create this narrative we create it on surface of experience and not the depth of reason. In other words, we see the action and attribute a meaning to then arrive at some sort of conclusion -story. Failing to take into account the reason of set action, which ultimately has the power to change the whole story.

So why is this important?!

Well… you see, should you account for reason you will come to understand the entirety of the story. And when you come to understand its entirety, it no longer becomes about you. And when it no longer becomes about you, you can’t make about you. Therefore, you free yourself from the limits and restriction you’ve placed. As you now understand, the depth of someone else’s actions, which rarely have anything to do with you and everything to do with where they are at.

For example. Someone cheats. The next person you’re with you become more cautious. And let’s say there is an odd situation that happens, which mimics the last, so now that has you doubting, you now start changing up. Self-preservation leading to self-sabotage. Meanwhile, the person could be planning a surprise. But because you associated certain actions to cheating, you don’t see beyond that. But had you dived into the reason for why the last cheated, would you have been able to see that it is everything to do with them and nothing to do with you. To which you won’t feel the need to have to protect yourself, and if you didn’t have the need to protect yourself, you won’t have self-sabotaged.

The Reality of It…

You see when we let go of the need to protect ourselves and embrace that we got ourselves is when we stand in our power. Because the truth is, if something is meant to happen it will happen. We can delay, prolong, try to find a way out, do all that… but in the end, if it is meant to occur it will occur. So rather than obsessing over how we can control it from not happening, it is a matter of building ourselves enough so that if it does happen -we good.

For pain is inevitable, chaos and politics is inevitable. Suffering is inevitable. We can run and try to dodge it, but that does nothing. It’s about developing the strength for it, embracing the good, the bad and the ugly. Knowing that should something go down, you can handle it, as it ain’t your first rodeo nor your last. But if we keep living in this structure of self-preservation we won’t ever develop the strength to overcome adversities and ultimately grow. We won’t ever be able to stand in our power, as we never trusted ourselves to do so. We looked outside of ourselves for answers that required us to look within. And that is the game changer. Because only once we trust ourselves enough to surrender are we able to embrace our power… as it isn’t by running that we win, it is by conquering.

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