Life can easily take us away, it can have us caught up in emotions both good and bad. And with that it is easy get lost, worry, stress, overthink and everything else in between. Losing sight of all that is in play. The actuality of what is happening, most importantly, we needs to happen in order to progress.

As there are many times in which we focus in on the feelings that arise, rather than understanding why they are coming up. We sit in the emotions of it all, and not exploring beyond. And it is almost as though we float away, further and further from ourselves. Especially when it comes to high vibrational emotions.

Because it feels good to be happy and excited, it feels good to achieve and succeed. And when we get caught up in that, it is we lose our stability. Lose our ground and be blinded by what feels good, rather than if it ‘right’. If it is the path that should be taken, or if there are ‘wrongs’ that require mending, faults that need sewing… holes that need patching. As it isn’t ever a good thing to lack the grounding required to move forward.

Think of a break up. Or even the launch of a business. We get consumed with the feel good moments, that we don’t prepare for the bad or the ugly. And boom, something happens and we are taken by surprise and unable to cope or deal. Making more difficult to heal and process. As we floated so far away of ourselves that we have no clue how to go back.

This is why grounding is so important, granted that it keeps connected with ourselves. It helps us not lose sight of where we are, who we are and why. As the importance of grounding is to keep it all in retrospect. Adding a sense of humility to our being, regardless of what happens in life or not. It keeps us at one with ourselves, and not streaming away by the events of life.

It also allows us to maintain our power, keeping it close rather than giving it away to the occurrences of life. Providing us the opportunity to explore and understand ourselves on a deeper level. Which stems back to a prior article, The Importance of Accepting We Are Alone. As our power lays within ourselves, and more we keep it as such the better it is for us in our progression forward.

Furthermore, grounding ourselves allows for more self control and discipline. It allows for focus and direction. It gives us a clear mind, to which we can align ourselves easier and much quicker. For it keeps us on our path in harmony with all the surrounds us, without being consumed. Allowing us to stay true and authentic to who we are, where we are and why. Resulting in forward motion and upward progress. It keeps us on track, able to deal with anything and everything that comes our way. As it is only through stability that grounding provides, do we come to know our strength and stand in our power.

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