Who are you? Who are you influenced by? What are you influenced by? Why? How? And with what? For our whole lives from the moment we take our first breath, we are programmed. Growing up to believe this and that, and the rest. Opinions formulated on past generations, opinions failing to realize that times have changed on more ways than one. In addition to which, all is different, not as it once was… furthermore, that which is to ours.

You see… it is easy to offer advice, say what someone should and shouldn’t do, but when put in the situation the story always seems to tell a different tail. Sing a different tone. But yet we listen, not doubting or questioning that which we listen too, because we are so disconnected from ourselves that we listen to others.

I’ve spent my whole life knowing that I ought to question… knowing that I can’t just accept without understanding why I am accepting. It bothers me to not understand the reasoning, and furthermore to ‘not be able’ to challenge the reasoning. To me if something is true… it shouldn’t bother you if I run an Mind Your Own Mindexperiment to check its validity. As no one ought to feel threaten by truth, if truth be what they stand for.

But the thing his must don’t stand for truth, they stand for themselves. What they only know and feel. But what they know and feel is relative to what they have experienced, in the time they experienced, how and why, to what and for what… so when they speak they speak in reference not to what they want but rather what they would.

In other words, it is easier said than done… for most forget where they came from when offering opinions. Most forget where they started, seeing only where they are. Neglecting to realize what got them to where they are. They judge from a podium of no wrong… when yet all they have done is wrong.

They misled… misguided… pretended.. settled.. forced… but yet follow them. As they lead the way. Cheated on, betrayed and take advantage of… but let them lead the way. Never changing only adapting…

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