First thing is first, let’s identify.

What makes you think you aren’t in alignment? What is it that has you feeling out of sorts? Is it where you are in life, the position you are in, the feelings that arise? Is it the relationships that surround you, such as family and friends, the dynamics of it all? What is it you aren’t satisfied with? 

You see before tackling anything, we need to first figure out what it is we are even tackling. We must become present to the issue at hand, regardless if we know why it is even arising. Because the why comes after.

Knowing the ‘what’ is everything, it is the key to self-awareness. And self-awareness is the key to self-love. And with that, the ‘what’ actually necessities the why and how, all of which stems from knowing yourself.

So the question is what is causing ruckus in your soul, disturbing you in such a way you aren’t aligning with the universe…

With that said, be prepared for an internal battle. Because the next question is what are you telling the universe in reference to what is disturbing you?!┬áThat is, the problem a hand.┬áMost importantly, what are you telling the universe in relation… reference to what it is you want?! Are the two parallel to one and other or are they in opposition?!

Honesty is key here, because you see, even the slightest deferral from what you want in comparison to what you tell the universe, will set you off alignment. It will have you dealing with that which you don’t want, never offering that which you do. Why?! Granted that your message as to what you want is distorted, universe having no way of aligning you when you are encrypting messages without a code to crack it.

Any mix match of information will be impossible to decipher, as it is a projection of inconsistency… uncertainty and flat out unawareness. So are you really even worthy of receiving a blessing such as alignment, if you are completely unaware of your inconsistency and uncertainty?! Furthermore, if you aren’t leading with what you want, how can the universe provide it for you?! More so, if you aren’t showing yourself the consideration, or even showing up for yourself and those around you, what makes you think the universe will show up for you?!

We can’t expect that which we aren’t emulating… plain and simple.

So it is important to get really clear not only what has you out of sorts, but on what it is you’re saying verses what it is you are displaying externally. In other words, what is your behaviour illustrating? Is it true amplification of the words that come out of our mouth, whether in general or to a given situation? And how it that behaviour impacting not only you, but the ones you love?

Because we will only get that which we allow and openly accept. For why would the anyone think to give you otherwise, but to give you that which you are already displaying content with receiving, granted that you are illustrating zero objection.

For what you allow will continue. So the question has and will always be… Is what you’re saying difference than what you are doing? Does it run parallel to what you want? Because if it doesn’t, well that’s your problem, and that’s what you need to start with. From there, the universe follows. 

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