One thing I haven’t learned in life is don’t count on others… I know terrible to say, but I mean… you can’t count your blessing before they hatch. Listen I raise in a family that has provided a lifestyle, one I’m thankful for and most definitely want… if not more. But I can’t count on anyone giving it to me, including them. And trust me, I won’t. I won’t count on them to give to me, and I won’t feed myself the illusion that they will…

It’s on me… it’s always been on me. And that’s facts. There is so much I endured as a lone ranger, a lot of which has been unseen and unnoticed, but I’m not here to be credited or praised. It is what it is. It’s my story. And I’m not a victim… I’m a solider.

But there has to be something said for those do nothing while expecting… counting on the effort others to ‘feel’ blessed… waiting on an inheritance to have everything they want, rather than doing it themselves. And then there are those who leverage… that is, the efforts that they themselves didn’t put in, but rather capitalized on -smart. Strategic.

But there is nothing like creating and building something yourself for yourself, without the utility of the accomplishments of others. In other words, whether you capitalize or wait, there is a sense of entitlement, rather than a sense a merit. As it wasn’t without the effort of others that had you succeed, it wasn’t without the merit that you backpacked off of that has you where you are.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s smart to leverage. Capitalize on the opportunities available. But something must said for those who wait, those who don’t actually do, but rather just count on others to make so. Those who demand a lifestyle they are unwilling to create, having others create it for them. Not actually ever living it, but rather pretending. Posting up as though they have it, when really they are alluding until given.

The thing is, inheritance is a funny thing. Much like the lottery. Because should you not be disciplined, it will leave just as fast as it came. As one never learnt what it took to create it, only what it looked like to have it… the facade of it all. And so loss is inevitable, for though you may gain it, one won’t ever be able to sustain it. Entitled privilege. Or rather, the illusion of it.

And I must say, I’m grateful I never was that one. As the politics within my family dynamics were and are complicated, and yes very much privileged in many ways, they aren’t and weren’t ever entitled. What we had and have was worked for by all. No free rides. 6am wake up calls. And so, because the expectations built throughout the years, the morality engraved throughout time, entitlement isn’t a factor. Granted that, one was a part of creation. Of building.

That alone is what sets the tone. As I have met many who ride off wave of others, not realizing the height of the wave. Only to fall harder than ever. Not knowing how to sustain. And yes, the goal is to create generational wealth, but it is to create ‘generational’ wealth, meaning it is to engrave sustainability. And most don’t.

Most look at what has been created, rather than what took to create it. As most, ride off the merit of others. Very few who are born into families that created wealth within their upbringing understand the process, most fall into the entitlement. While those born into wealth tend to have much more drive running through their veins. Granted that it isn’t so much about building, as it is about sustaining.

And so, it is incredible that wealth is created, pass down and offered to the next. But one must also note the importance of sustainability… merit. As we must all create our own. Whether you capitalize or not, one can’t piggy back thinking they will make it all the way home.

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