For some following their path, finding their path, and making things happen is easy. But, for others, such as myself it is hard and scary. And some within that bunch, don’t pursue their dreams simply for that reason. Why?! Because more often than not, it is a risky game… one which you don’t know the ending too nor even the journey, or should I say, the path that it is going to take you on. And, it will never look like what you thought it would or what you wanted it to be. But aside from that and regardless of the risks involved, or what it looks like, it is worth it. So this is for those looking for a way… a way to make it happen. Because, in the end it will all work out… and how do I know this?

Because, I took a leap of faith, risked everything. Between the late nights, working full time, in debt, unable to pay bills (including my mortgage). I took a leap of faith and it was the scariest thing I could have done. It was rollercoaster ride of ups and downs. Trying to figure out everything, keep everything together, not allowing anything to fall apart. There were moments where I just broke down, stressed and worried, without any ideas on how to figure it out. At one point, I was inches away from losing my apartment due to foreclosure, but everything ended falling into place. Because I stayed strong, stayed true to my passion and don’t cave, even when in the weakness of moments. I kept going, pushing and refused to stop following my dreams.

And this is how I did it:

1. Commit & Identify 

It is all about commitment, as well as identifying. That is, identify and commiting to your goals, your dreams, and most importantly to yourself. Be commited to making it happen. No excuses, find a way and find the time. And there will be times where you can’t stick to the goals or meet the deadlines, and that’s okay, set new ones -recommit. Most importantly don’t lie yourself, and be in a constant vicious cycle of recommitment.

During one of my projects, I found myself in a constant cycle of recommitment and I couldn’t figure why and it ended up being doubt and fear, but I was determined and dedicated and pushed through. And I got it done! So, if you really want it, you will make it happen, it’s just a matter of commiting yourself fully, avoiding the missed goals and deadlines at all costs.

So, if you find yourself slipping, you need ask yourself how committed are you. On another note, you can find yourself in a vicious cycle, when it really isn’t something you want. But rather, something you think you want. It could be a misguidance, misunderstanding of what it is and/or what it takes. Or it could be misidentification, that is, of what your dreams really are, of what it is you really want. Because, even though it is work it shouldn’t feel like work. So mindful and identify accordingly. Because again, if you really want it to work, it will.

2. Prepare & Accept Change

It’s difficult to prepare for something that you know about, and even if you ask others, every journey is different. So, when I say prepare, I really be willing and ready to embrace. Don’t resist it, accept it. Because one, it isn’t to pan out the way you think. And two, it will lead you a a multitude of directions, leaving you clueless as to what to do. But yet, something will show you the way as long as you keep going and don’t stop. Therefore, the best thing you could do is just be ready in the sense that you accept change is inevitable.

I started off by working with a multi-level marketing company, and with that I began motivating people. I realized I really liked it, so I continued. And in the moment, I thought would always be doing multi-level marketing because it fed into and gave me the opportunity to motivate others. But then, realized it really wasn’t what I wanted. Still continued motivating and actually a YouTube channel. And one night, I found myself writing, and I LOVED IT! And boom, now I releasing my first book and a second one on the way. Still motivating via social plus offering wisdom, it just wasn’t in the same form as before.

With that said, don’t stubborn and hard headed on how it is suppose to look or even how the end should be. Because more often than not, the end is something you never thought possible (but, in a good way). For it will lead you to exactly where and what you are meant to do.

3. Take Risks

Be ready to take risks, some that will scary the life out of you and others completely irrational. But, in all honesty it is the only way to light the fire under you. Because, when you have no choice, no way but to get it done, you will get it done… you will make it happen. Furthermore, if it isn’t risky than is it worth it. After all, the biggest rewards, come from the greatest risk.

Throughout my journey, I backed up my things and moved abroad, without any plan and stability. I just did it, because I knew it was the only way I would be able to pursue my writing full time and commit 100% of myself. Risked losing my place, and even my plane ticket home, if all went to shit. I made it a point to not have a plan B, there was only plan A, so my margin for failure… well let’s say it was inacceptable, notable. And in the end it all worked out.

By making it your only option is when you really feel the importance of ‘it has to happen’. And that is when the magic begins, because when you have a plan B, you’re not really in it. You’re one foot out and one foot in. So take the risk, there will be some scary moments -brace yourself, and stick to it.

4. Brace For Failure

One of the most important things is to know that it won’t turn the first time, maybe not even the second or third. But, it will turn out at the end of it, so long as you keep going and don’t doubt, don’t stop… keep pushing. And keep in mind when I say failure, I mean, it not being as successful as you thought it would. But, any change, any success, no matter big or how close to ‘failure’ is a nevertheless a success. And even if it failures, it still is a step forward. Teaching you something, that is, what and how not to do it. You need failure to have success.

I can’t tell you how many times I failed, multiple times, and for while I let those failures define me. And now, I know them to be the vary thing that gave me the strength and the ability to do the vary thing I am doing. Because I already failed, I know what that feels like, but success on the other hand, I don’t. So, why not keep pushing and feel something new, something that you always wanted?! So what if you stumble, you fall, get back up and do it again! Therefore, be prepared that you won’t get it right the first time, but eventually it will be as close to perfect as possible. For it is only through failure that we learn success.

5. Be Fearless

Taking risks and bracing for failure requires being fearless. Being fearless requires strength. Strength that you have, you just haven’t come in contact with it yet, but you will come to know it by continuing to push. Regardless of any set backs, or failing here and there, or even of the growing risks… continue going -pushing forward. Be fearless in your pursue. There will be moments that you will want to give up, moments you breakdown and just want to call a quits. But, those moments are the moment that will make or break you.

I was on the verge of losing everything, and I pushed through, I was fearless and ready to deal with the consequences. Which in turn, showed and proved my worthiness to reap the benefits. But, it only when I stopped acting on fear and began acting on strength, were when my problems were resolved and opportunities appeared. If I wasn’t fearless in my pursuit, I would never be where I am now. I wouldn’t have seen the strength within myself to push even in moments when it all looks like it will crumble. I wouldn’t have been able to grip the opportunity that was right in front of me.

It’s just a matter of holding on for as long as you can, until the opportunity is staring at you in the face, just waiting for you to grab it. But, it won’t present itself until you rid yourself of doubt and embrace your strength becoming fearless as ever.

6. Be Vulnerable

Put yourself out there. Vulnerability is everything in this game, and in all honesty it will attract people to your cause. By helping others understand what it is you are doing and why, creates a meaningful relationship. They now know you on a deeper level, creating a connection, to which now they can support you. Why?! Because, they understand. They don’t just see you blindlessly doing things, they know and are aware of the reason for your actions… your intention behind them. And, it’s scary being vulnerable and putting yourself out there, but it will connect people… the right people with you and what it is you are doing.

Once I expressed my vulnerabilitis, you won’t believe the amount of supportive messages I received. And I don’t do it with that intention, I was genuine about it, and wanted to share what was really happening. And the outcome amazed me.

So push through your self-preservation and show your truth, wear it like your clothing. People will support you and what you stand for simply, because it is admirable to have the strength to care your weaknesses.

7. Embrace Judgement

This stems from the prior, that is, vulnerability. Because, you see, though there is support through vulnerability, there is judgement as well. For some well support, and other will judge. And they judge for what reason, maybe it is envy, jealousy, maybe they don’t believe or care to relate and understand, maybe it is ignorance or even just plain stupidity. But, it is what it is. The thing is though, regardless of why they are judging you and even what you are doing, it will hurt, it will tear you down. And just failure, it is in this moments you must be strong, for again it can make or break you. So embrace it, even if it comes from the ones you love most.

When I decided to pack up and move, and through my journey currently journey abroad I was judged so much by my brother. And he is a tough character to handle, and he can say very hurtful things. Believe me, when I say he knows exactly what to say you break you down. And he did. I was lost for days, extremely hurt, crying and broken. Without any around to help me out, and that made it even more difficult, because I had no where to turn. And, as much as I explained myself and was vulnerable, he took advantage of it and it got to a point I had block him. To this day we don’t talk, not even a Merry Christmas or a Happy New Year, and that hurts. Because like every brother and sister, we fight, but always end up being fine at the end… and it usually through food hahaha, but being that I’m in a different country, that isn’t possibly. So it’s been a good four to five months now that we haven’t communicated. But, since then I’ve been able to channel that hurt and pain into something productive.

And that is what it is all about. Judgement is everywhere, and there is no way to avoid it, it’s a matter of accepting and embracing it… using it. More importantly, knowing when to cut it off when it impacts you in a negative way. And it’s difficult and hard, but it’s part of the job. Following your dreams is a tough and it requires some hard decisions, in the end it is for all the right reasons and done with good intentions.

8. Surrender & Have Faith

Lastly, surrender to it all. Don’t have expectations, just faith… belief in what it is you are doing, that is, the cause. And more importantly in yourself. When you release yourself from any and all expectation you have nothing to compare it too,meaning you have nothing to be disappointed in, yet everything to be happy about. Surrending is the probably one of the more difficult things to do, but most rewarding. Because you will always be proud, always happy, regardless of the outcome… because again you aren’t comparing, you are appreciating what comes. And that will bring you greatness before you know it. And one day you will open your eyes, thinking how the hell did I do this?! How did I get here?! Is this even real?!

It was only once I surrendered, willing to suffer consequences, without any expectation -just faith, did everything fall into place. Everything resolved itself. It was like a miracle, and I cried and cried, because finally the rough patch was over. I could breath. Part of me questioned if it was real and the other was thankful beyond this world.

So surrender and have faith, rid yourself of expectation. For what will be will be, and what will be will be in your favour. After all, don’t they say, things happen when you least expect it!

I hoping for those seeking a way out, seeking guidance, motivation and inspiration to follow your dreams or your passion, that gave you something. And in all honesty, I know it did! And not because it’s me or work, but because I’m living proof that this works! And if that isn’t inspiring, then I don’t know what is… So go out there and find that courage that is within you and make it happen. And soon, you will be kicking your feet in the water walking along the beach.

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