So let’s talk about it… let’s discuss what it means to understand yourself -who it is you are and who it is you are not. You see, life has a funny way of distorting reality. The events and occurrences of both the fortunate and unfortunate misguides us into believing that we are this and/or that. And what most fail to realize is that we aren’t to believe, but rather we are to be shown… discover… question and understand. Not draw conclusions and jump to assumptions.

Every occurrence and every event has called for a different you, created an alternative view. A perspective that adds to the web of a deeper understanding. One that apt for consideration, not judgment. For life really is 50 shades of grey, as nothing is certain and nothing is constant -not even you. We grow and we evolve, never being one and the same in all circumstances, as the variables are consistently changing. And so that can make it difficult to truly grasp who we are at our core. Most importantly, it can skew our view of how we show up.

Granted that we cling to concepts, rather than understand the entirety of their dynamic. So in other words, we create and hold beliefs based on the appearance, judgment formulated in an instance based on only one dynamic. Narrow-minded in a sense. Majority of the time failing to consider the multitude of variables that make up the instance and contribute to the dynamic. Ironic as most view themselves deeply, yet they show up and live in opposition of that.

Surface level interaction and engagement. Selfishly living. Only viewing their views, considering only one dynamic, no alternatives neglecting to acknowledge how it is the views within themselves decipher the dynamic. Which then contribute to the whole. The whole which not only consists of themselves, but also others, others who they to act in relation to you, much as you to them. In intricate web of perception varying depending on the position in which you stand. The presence of who you are… rather who you think you are.

It is all extremely flawed, because as humans we want certainty, we want to know… ego driven. We must be right -we can’t be wrong. Hence why we cling. Cling to the idea of knowing when we know nothing at all. We think we know. But we don’t. And we never will. But we can come close, and we can only come close when we are willing to accept that we don’t know. As that allows for the openness to understand… to consider… take note of the variables, rather than assume them based upon occurrence regardless of similarities.

Every science experiment requires measurement… every math equation requires sequence. And yet, we think we understand ourselves without either… we presume without consideration of the factors involved. How can you prove without measurement? And how can you measure without sequence? Most importantly, how can you concluded without consideration of both?!

Understanding self is always about stepping back, getting a bird’s eye view. Setting aside what you think you know and opening yourself up to what could be… now that doesn’t mean bad or good. Because nothing of life or self is ever black and white. We weren’t built two-tone, we are made in colour. And that is what makes it all the more beautiful, all the more incredible. As there isn’t no one way of understanding, but rather a multitude of ways to knowing. Knowing of something… which isn’t right or wrong… all relative to the variables in place. Variables which you aren’t ever certain of, but can make yourself aware too. And that is what alters perspective … the first step to understanding.

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