First thing is first, the calendar new year is not the start of the energetic new year. And second, it is not the time to manifest or start new. But rather, it is the time to set intentions. It is the time to set up and begin noting what requires changing, small implementations toward the bigger picture. It is a time to reflect, reposition, redirect and restructure self and life, so that when the energies of nature are sprouting we already have the framework and foundation to go full steam ahead.

You see, January to March nature is still in hibernation mode, and this idea of starting resolutions when nature itself isn’t sprouting is contradictory to energies of the universe. For should you want to harvest your crops, your seeds must be planted in the appropriate season, or else there won’t be anything to harvest. Therefore, we must mimic nature.

These first three months of the year are really about clearing out and setting up. Getting the garden ready, ensuring you have the tools on hand, the supplies in place, the seeds in order, so that when it is time to plant and water, everything is there for you.

In other words, January to March is season for shedding ans recaliberation. It is a time to get clear on what needs to be let go -attachments, habits, routines, etc -a time to rid ourselves of what isn’t and what won’t serve us moving forward. It is a time to think about what you want to plant? And what you don’t? What you want to grow and how it needs growing? It is about shedding our old skin and setting the foundation for the what is to come. Doing the necessary prep work in order to best produce and promote growth.

how to manifest for the new year

And so why we must mimic nature is simply because we come from nature. We are beings of the earth. Energies of the universe. So why, would we work in opposition to nature?! Planting seeds when the ground is yet to be prepped, frozen not softened and fertile. Prep work must be done. And we can’t skip the prep work if we want bring out true transformation in ourselves and in our lives. We must first do the work, prep the foundation to then align with the frequencies of our intentions, so that when the energies of nature are in season for planting, your seeds are already in place waiting to be watered.

And so with that said, we must start by clarifying what it is that we want for this new year. Setting intentions for love, career, relationships, self, environment, health etc. and from there reflect on what needs changing to bring set intentions into fruition. Things such as, mindset, habits, routines, endurance, commitments, etc. and begin implementing those changes slowly. Clearing out what isn’t and hasn’t been working, making space for what will. It is a trial and error period of understanding what actions need to take place, what serves you and what doesn’t, slowly tapping into the frequency of your manifestations. Slowly raising your vibration to align with the intentions set, rather than just jumping in and hoping that it all works out.

Hence why a lot of resolutions set at the beginning of the year fail, because the groundwork hasn’t yet to been done. The nourishing and fertilizing has been skipped, moving straight onto planting and watering. Only making it more difficult to grow and flourish a prosperous garden. So, we must mimic nature in that it is still during this period, the ground defrosting and the soil infertile. And for that reason, it is a time where we must shed and renew our foundation in order to best produce in abundance and with harmony.

As manifesting requires tapping into the energies of what it is that you want. And the stronger the vibrations are toward those manifestations the better. The more likely they will unfold. And what better way to enhance those vibrations than to align with those of nature. Amplifying the energies of growth and expansion. So shed the old skin and recalibrate to embrace the new!

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