When practicing spirituality, it can difficult to decipher when and what messages you are receiving as we’ve grown up with voices in our heads. The voices that doubt, question, worry and limit. The ones that underlying tell us, ‘don’t do this’ ‘you’re not good enough for that’ ‘it’ll never happen’ ‘too good to be true’… those self-sabotaging voices that mask as protection and guidance – self-preservation. For they are part of what it means to have a human experience.

But as spiritual beings there is a a whole other set of voices that we can tap into, a multi of dimensions available to us. And so, when beginning to work on our connectivity to those possibilities, those worlds, our human experience can impose upon the practise. In other words, the default of ‘being human’ can be taken and disguised as higher knowing, mistaken as divine. Due to the fact that most have yet to detach from their human experience.

Being that we hold on to this idea that we must know, we must do, have and be certain. Protect ourselves at all costs and all situations, avoid danger. Dangers such as making mistakes, failing at something, physical illness, emotionally unwell… because as a being we are limited to our vessel, having desires, vices, instincts, some that benefit and some that hinder. And with that comes attachments, and the best one is that of knowing.

It isn’t appealing to ‘not’ know.

We as a society and as a species, we pride ourselves are being right. Knowing what is right and what it wrong. Knowing what comes next and what doesn’t. We value and attached ourselves to knowledge. But it is a matter of knowing where and how to attain knowledge. Because we can’t go by the knowledge that our human experience offers as it is limited and confined to experience, not to truth. And being that we are human we can easily fumble the truth of what it means to know.

Furthermore, being human we get caught up. Doubtful and worried. Attached to the outcome which can make decision making difficult, confidently acting uncomfortable. Being our own worst enemies by talking ourselves in and out of the things we want. Hence why most and all spiritual teachers stress the importance of surrendering and letting go. But now what about still wanting to find answers? Still wanting to know? Having a sense of security.

To that I say, ask for signs. Ask for guidance. What do I mean?!

Well first, get clear on what it is you want to know. What it is you want clarity on? Second, pick a sign, something random that you don’t normally see or hear. And lastly, but optional, if you are in a time crunch, set a timeframe.

For example, ‘I want to know if I should leave my job. So I ask that you show me a ladybug’ (with the option of a timeframe, such as, ‘before the end of the week’)

Now the most important thing to note, don’t look for the sign. Don’t be driving around town aggressively in search of a ladybug, whether it be a park, billboard, magazines. That’s not how it works. Because this is when surrender and letting go becomes key. In order for you to begin interacting with the divine, we must detach from ‘human’ and tap into ‘being’, as being requires allowing -not controlling.

And should that sign not appear, doesn’t mean it is a definite ‘no’, it could be a ‘not now’ or ‘wait’, depending on what it is you were inquiring about. In the example given, maybe you do need to leave your job but only in the event of when something better comes along. In other words, don’t just up and quit, because maybe the opportunity to leave first requires you to stay.

So it really is about entrusting in what it being offered and given, regardless of thoughts and feelings. Because then and only then can you begin connecting with the divine. Detaching from the limitations of your vessel. Surrendering to possibilities of your being.

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