Quick answer. Pop some shrooms. And let the journey begin… Jokes, but not.

Sometimes, our minds become dormant. Numb with stillness, so much so that it paralyzes us. Limits us. And with those limits, we further limit ourselves -restricting and containing. Not allowing. And so, the flow is cut. Supply is limited, and resources scarce.

The funk is real. And it can get comfortable. But it’s about getting uncomfortable… reactivating the parts that have been inactive. And getting that flow moving. And it is easier said that done, because as more time passes the stiffness of stagnation increases, making it that much more difficult to move. That much easier to stay stuck, living in our heads rather than just living. Allowing everything to consume us, drain us and control us. The self limiting beliefs growing stronger and stronger. Suppressing our highest version from coming out.

And the easiest way to give yourself permission to have fun again -break free and allow the inner child out. Release all that is suppressing you. Let it go. And surrender. Stop thinking about everything that is external, and start creating space for playfulness -carefree mindfulness. Giving yourself permission to be you without judgment and criticism on what should or shouldn’t be, or even how things ought to look or not. As that is where the true activation lies. And where freedom resides.

The thing is sometimes we need help getting that extra boost. Sometimes meditation, journalling, exercise and other holistic practices aren’t enough. Because sometimes our minds have been asleep for far too long and attempting to reactivate them through mindful practices can be time consuming, and that can in turn lead to discouragement, which can lend to resisting the change and remaining in the funk.

At the beginning of this article I joked and mentioned popping shrooms, and now I’m saying do it, but I’m also not saying don’t. What I’m saying is if done intentionally and purposefully, the aid of psilocybin can be a great help in providing access to the parts that have been dormant. A kind of rewiring -a system reboot that you wouldn’t have otherwise been able to accomplish without years and years of mindful practices. And the truth is, time is a precious commodity and luxury we can’t always afford. As once it is gone it is gone.

But what is important is that we have to move -get uncomfortable. And in that discomfort, we must note what it is that is discomforting and why?! As that will pinpoint where our blockages reside, allowing the opportunity to now work in ridding ourselves of those blockages. By doing more of what makes us uncomfortable and less of that which does. Therefore, movement is the key. And that movement will be different for everyone.

But nonetheless move. Step outside of the routine, and embrace the growth of discomfort, as it will grant the ability to begin living again. And that is when the funk will cease to exist.

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