One of the biggest challenges is switching our mindset from fear to one of abundance. As life has showed us the consequences of not protecting ourselves, the consequences of not being proactive, and being unprepared. We feel a sense of disappointment and inadequacy, a sense of failure in not knowing better. And so, we attempt to move in such a way that braces for impact or even attempts avoids it all together.

But with that, there are two things. One, where there is no risk, there will be little reward. And yes, there is protection and prevention, but rarely enough to outweigh the possibility of success, should one have taken the risk. Furthermore, nothing is ever truly a loss, as things either turn out as a blessing or they are lessons. So regardless, there is always growth in one shape or form.

But two, when we act and move from a place of protection and prevention, we are subconsciously programming our minds to believe there is something that we require prevention or protection from – cultivating a scarcity mindset. Fear, doubt and lack. Worrisome of the dangers. As though, to instill the idea that should something go awry we don’t have the means to deal with it. In other words, we are basically telling ourselves that we are incapable. When in reality we are very much capable, as life has shown us – we make it out every time. Or else we wouldn’t be here.

And I understand the rational behind protection and prevention, as life isn’t YOLO. We can’t be reckless and destructive, but also can’t foster restrictions. For there must be wisdom and knowledge with the risks we take, but nevertheless risks must be taken. And most importantly, no risk should not be taken due to scarcity. As they say, the very thing you are afraid of, is the very thing you need to do. Because those are the things that help you grow. They are what push boundaries and limits, levelling you up and calling for a higher version of you. And one fail to step up to the challenge of getting a little bit uncomfortable, one will lose out on the benefits – blessing or lesson. It’s growth. It’s potential. Possibilities.

Furthermore, the subconscious programming of scarcity will only continue to spread into all areas of life. As how you do anything, is how you do everything. And so, if we tell ourselves we can’t – we won’t, and not just with one thing but with all things, which is extremely crippling should one want more out of life. Therefore, when moving throughout life, it is important to always take note of the mindset you are in -it is scarcity that drives the decision or behaviour or is it one of wisdom.

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