My name is Carina. I’m a University of Toronto graduate, entrepreneur, philosopher and writer. I’m a mix of crazy and wild along intellect and insight… dare devil mixed with logic… interesting character to say the least.
I have many different passions, which you will see throughout my site; though, the one I hold closest to my heart is the love of wisdom, that is, the importance of understanding life as it is on different levels from different perspectives. Hence the name of the site, ‘Philos-sophia’, ‘philos’ is the greek term for love and ‘sophia’ is the greek term for wisdom, and being that I graduated with a Honors Degree as a Philosophy Specialist, it is very fitting. With that being said, the purpose of this site is to not only share my thoughts, but also my experiences, life stories and growth. For like many I have been through quite a bit, some good, some bad and some so dark I’m surprised I even made it; which is, one of the main reasons why I started this site, to not only share my thoughts and experiences, but to shed light on a different way of being and understanding the world.


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Stay Mindful, Soulful & full of Wisdom...