Never Stop Believing In Yourself

Believe in yourself enough to be the exception to the rule.

If I listened to what someone told me, I would not be living the life I am today, I won’t be doing what I’m doing right now. Most importantly, I wouldn’t be doing what I desire most, I would have stopped writing, redirecting my focus elsewhere… and that’s not a bad or good thing, it would just be different. But, because I didn’t allow their words to influence me, I pushed against all odds and I’ve never been so proud of myself as I am today.

So, go out there and do what you need to do. And, believe in yourself no matter what, because you have what it takes to beat all odds. For the only thing you need is YOU!!!

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Most Beautiful Thing – Everything Works Out

Sometimes the beautiful things come from the ugliest of places… just when we think it’s the end, the universe gives us something magical… be grateful for everything that comes your way, because it is there for a reason, it is there to prepare you for something… opening doors… opportunities that you wouldn’t otherwise have seen… be appreciative of it all…

Ps. Feels good to know where I’m going… but, part of me can’t wait to get lost again!

And so, it begins!


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Message From The Rocks

What are you willing to sacrifice to live the life you desire?!

Rather than wasting time and energy claiming to want that which you are unwilling to work for… that which you are unwilling to make changes for… to sacrifice for… start looking into that which you are… that which you you have a burning desire to make happen… to make possible and take the necessary actions to create the life you desire to live…

And always remember everything in life requires sacrifice…

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