Most Beautiful Thing – Everything Works Out

Sometimes the beautiful things come from the ugliest of places… just when we think it’s the end, the universe gives us something magical… be grateful for everything that comes your way, because it is there for a reason, it is there to prepare you for something… opening doors… opportunities that you wouldn’t otherwise have seen… be appreciative of it all…

Ps. Feels good to know where I’m going… but, part of me can’t wait to get lost again!

And so, it begins!


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Message From The Rocks

What are you willing to sacrifice to live the life you desire?!

Rather than wasting time and energy claiming to want that which you are unwilling to work for… that which you are unwilling to make changes for… to sacrifice for… start looking into that which you are… that which you you have a burning desire to make happen… to make possible and take the necessary actions to create the life you desire to live…

And always remember everything in life requires sacrifice…

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Joy’s of A Night Out

Saturday night I decided to reward myself with a night out. Being that I’m in a different country, I went alone and I had the time of my life. The freedom I felt in just dancing, I miss it so very much. And, being able to not only accomplish all my goals I set that day, but also finding such a freedom within myself with myself was absolutely incredible.
I felt like I was on Dancing with The Stars… haha… I owned that dance floor and not once did I think of judgment… not once was I afraid… embarrassed. .. I was just me and the music dancing my heart out, to the point that I’m still sore two days later… I even made some friends… it was such an amazing experience.

Embrace the freedom within yourself with yourself…

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