The Cleanse – Day 10

GOOD MORNING!!!!! Today is a juice day… so good. I wasn’t planning on having one, but I came to work at my local coffee shop, had two espressos. And it just began calling my name… and well, I just couldn’t resist. 

As for the juice, rather than getting something from the menu, I like to switch it up and be different. So, on the menu they have a kiwi, pineapple and banana shake, but as I am not a fan of banana. Therefore, I traded it for strawberry… but, then they didn’t have kiwi and as I need iron I traded it for spinach. So, in the end my shake was spinach, pineapple and strawberry with coconut milk as a base. I didn’t expect it to be as delicious as it is, but let me tell you. It’s so good and most definitely hitting the spot.IMG_20181025_160419_877.jpg

For lunch… well actually more of a dinner, as I woke up relatively late again, due to the lack of sleep I’ve been getting. Going to recycle one of my recipes and change it up slightly. As I need to get rid of the food in my fridge before heading back. So, dinner was a sesame seed salad, but with the addition of red and green peppers. Snacks were a mango and kiwi. And, water intake was two and half litres.

So, I know I have been doing extremely well, my switch over is going to be on pause as I travel back to Toronto. As, I will be meeting up with friends and family, going out and seeing everyone before taking off again. SO, that means drinks, and if I’m having drinks then I’m most definitely squeezing in fish and a bit of chicken here and there.  But most definitely avoiding red meat. 

Once back abroad, it is fill throll on my cleanse and healthy lifestyle switch. I’ll be illustrating work outs and mapping out recipe. Both food and shakes, exercises, along with tips and tricks.