The Switch – Day 10

GOOD MORNING!!!!! Today is a juice day… so good. I wasn’t planning on having one, but I came to work at my local coffee shop, had two espressos, and it just began calling my name… and well, I just couldn’t resist. And rather than getting something from the menu, I like to switch it up and be different. So, on the menu they have a kiwi, pineapple and banana shake, but as I am not a fan of banana, I traded it for strawberry… but, then they didn’t have kiwi and as I need iron I traded it for spinach. So, in the end my shake was spinach, pineapple and strawberry with coconut milk as a base… I didn’t expect it to be as delicious as it is, but let me tell you… it’s so good and most definitely hitting the spot.


For lunch… well actually more of a dinner, as I woke up relatively late again, due to the lack of sleep I’ve been getting. Going to recycle one of my recipes and change it up slightly, as I need to get rid of the food in my fridge before heading back. So, dinner was a sesame seed salad, but with the addition of red and green peppers. Snacks were a mango and kiwi. And, water intake was two and half litres.

So, I know I have been doing extremely well, my switch over is going to be on pause as I travel back to Toronto. As, I will be meeting up with friends and family, going out and seeing everyone before taking off again, so…. that means drinks, and if I’m having drinks then I’m most definitely squeezing in fish and a bit of chicken here and there, but most definitely avoiding red meat. Once back abroad, it is fill throll on my cleanse and healthy lifestyle switch. I’ll be illustrating work outs and mapping out recipes, both food and shakes, exercises, along with tips and tricks.


The Switch – Day 9

What is up day nine?!?!?! So, good!!! Again, it was a rough night and day for me with this allergic battle of mine. Hardly slept, tossing and turning throughout the whole night. I slept in sessions, and ended up only getting out of the house pretty late… around 3pm… when I say it was a rough night was because it really was.

No morning snacks, or I should say early afternoon snacks… non existence. I had two coffees and a ton of water… I ate pretty late last night. I made a basic salad with the addition of sesame seeds… hit the spot and super refreshing. But, because I was out of olive oil, it was vingear and sea salt, and of ocurse sesame seeds… which, was just as good, if there were olive oil. Now, call me crazy but I love vingear and I actually drink the dressing once I finish the salad, and I always put more vingear than olive oil. It’s just so good, and yes it thins your blood but it cuts fats, which is GREAT!!! Not so much the blood thinner part, but the fat cutting is pretty sweet!


Now, for dinner…. Spicy cheesy vegetables!!! This time, I’m going to give you the recipe before the photo. First, dice up three cloves of garlic and two spicy thai chilli peppers into a pan with two tablespoons of olive oil, prior to beginning dice up three tomatos, three mushrooms, two stems of broccoli, one quarter red pepper and one quarter green pepper. From there, add chicken stock into the pan and sauteed until garlic turns a nice golden brown, then add the tomatoes, let cook for roughly five minutes. Then add, the rest of the vegetables and cook for roughly eight to ten minutes, add a cup of water to avoid anything from sticking to the pan along a pinch of sea salt and a teaspoon of garlic powder. Final step, add mozzarella cheese and cook until completely melted. You could eat it as a dip with wheat whole tortilla chips or by itself, just as it is. And, there you have it… spicy cheesy vegetables.


It was absolutely incredible… I wasn’t going to eat all of it, but come on, look at that… how could I not?! And this, was a swing it kind of recipe… confession, most of my recipes are me swinging it… I let my creative juices flow throughout the day, giving me ideas for what I should cook next. And, let me tell you, so far it has been great! Pretty impressed with myself, never realized how creative I was with food or even how good I was at cooking. My brother was always the chief… but, now I can see I am too!!!

As for snacks, I ate a ton of nuts, cashews and almonds. So good… to be honest I kind of lost control with the cashews, they were hitting the spot, and I just couldn’t stop myself. Either way, cashews are extremely healthy for you, although binging is bad, but binging on healthy stuff isn’t as bad. As for water, I have a ton of it, three litres to be exact. Again, no exercise, between wanting to rip off my skin and itching my entire body, it is kind of the last thing on my mind. I can’t wait to get over this allergy, I just hope I’m right about it being my laundry detergent and not something else, because I can’t go on like this… it is so extremely uncomfortable, so many sleepless nights the passed two weeks… between stress and this allergy, it’s been a struggle to get a full nights rest. So, I just keep pushing.

Onto day ten….

The Switch – Day 8

Welcoming day eight with still a bit of itching and scratching due to my allergic reaction, but it is getting better… slowly… well that’s what I’m telling myself, hopefully if I believe it, it will come true… haha. I actually want to rip off my skin, that’s how frustrating it is… but, hey it’s life. Shit happens!! Anyways, back to this cleanse of mine, which I’m pretty impressed that I have managed thus far, no meat or alcohol.

Morning routine, no juice, I woke up super late… so just two coffees and a lot of work. I had a bunch of fruit, mango, kiwi and a peach… which was extremely nutritious. I drank about one litre and a half of water before a late lunch / earlier dinner, which again my friend made for me, given my current condition, that is, my allergy to my laundry detergent. , which leaves me itching and scratching more then anything else. Again, it was a meal filled with goodness. Spicy vegetable spiral pasta with mozzarella cheese!!!


This time I’m sharing the picture before the recipe, changing it up… it’s good to do things differently every once and a while. Hopefully, it entices you to read on and try it out for yourself. So, here is the recipe… pasta was vegetable pasta made from bell peppers and broccoli, but whole wheat pasta works just the same. Vegetables used were carrots (shredded), cabbage, red pepper, french onion and broccoli. The vegetables were diced and cooked in two tablespoons of olive oil and approximately one quarter cup of each, cooked in garlic and a bit of hot sauce. The pasta cooked with chicken broth and water until al dente, once drained mixed with vegetables and added mozzarella cheese and stemmed for two minutes…. DONE AND DONE!!! Super simple, suple easy…. that is one thing I love about vegetarian recipes, vegetables are quick and easy.

Snacks, FRUIT!!! NUTS!!!! And, lots of water!!! I had some pineapple, mango and kiwi. As you know, I eat a lot of kiwi due to my anemia and I added pineapple into my day to help boost my immune system, as I continue to battle this allergy of mine. Mango also helps boosts immunity, but I needed some additional assistance, as this has been a battle and a huge struggle, for I have never been allergic to anything before, so this is all new to me. And, I hate taking medicine, so I’m attempting to speed up the healing process, so that I can stop taking pills. As for the nuts, I had almonds and peanuts as filler snack through the night. My water intake was back up to three litres, but no exercise, which has been extremely frustrating for me, as I want to squeeze something in, but the itching and scratching makes it difficult. For, I could deal with the over exhaustion, but the discomfort felt throughout my body is another thing, it creates frustration and lack of focus, leaving me drained.

Anywho, onto day nine….