Opportunities are everywhere, we just have to be opened to seeing them as such, and that all starts with you. It begins with re-adjusting yourself, the way in which you look at life… your life… understanding what it is you want.



Our fears, doubts, judgments and assumptions creep in and crush dreams, holdings back from living the life we desire, making mistakes and not getting it perfect is all part of the process.

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A Few Extras….


In life there are many times where we set ourselves up for disappointment and we don’t even realize, setting expectations is one of the ways. Expectations can even stop you from acting, due to false assumptions and beliefs, thinking that things have to be a certain way.

How To Embrace Your Power

How we make others feel says more about who we are, than who you are. You see the thing is without others, we wouldn’t be able to define ourselves in the world, yet we neglect to understand our impact, our power, on the world. We assume we are insignificant, going about life selfishly, feeding into our excuses, justifications and reasons, sometimes never realizing who we are impacting along the way, sometimes never realizing what it says about who we are as individuals.

Where is Your Focus?

When everything seems to be going wrong, nothing seems to be working out, nothing changing. Stop for a moment and take a look at where your focus is, redirect it in such a way that it is beneficial rather than destructive.

Shifting Your Perspective

We spend so much energy attempting to control life, the outcome, the experiences, the events, the people, and yet it seems as though nothing changes, and you still don’t get the outcome you wanted.

The Only Thing Stopping You is YOU

We often think we can’t do this or that, or that this or that don’t happen or can’t happen because we are not this or that… And I’m here to tell you, you are whatever you choose to me. It is your choice to be a certain way, and rather than telling yourself, you can’t do something, start being honest with yourself and see as to whether or not it’s actually something you want. Because if you really something you will do it and nothing will stop you, not even who you think you are NOT.

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