Black & White Answers is about the journey of life -doubt and hurt… deceit, pain and love- asking and answering questions which the soul desires while the heart dreads, yet the mind appreciates. Carina Remi, not only shares a collection of poems, but shares a journey… her journey. Being vulnerable and forth coming through out it all. She provides answers that are not only harsh, but supportive and inspiring, enabling you to close chapters in your life you never thought possible, finding solutions to that which was unconceivable. This book is for new beginnings, for those ready to let go and move past what has happened. Those willing to embrace what was and what is, and ready to accept what will be. For those ready for something more. It is a clearing… 

Soulful Insight Poetry Collection is dedicated to all the souls that have been tainted by the recklessness of the damaged. It is an understanding not only our foundation, but understanding the extend of which our thoughts stem from our state of mind. It is the comprehension of how our history influences our state of being, from the questions we ask the world to the assumptions we have about the universe and even the battles we face with love. It is illustration of how our past interpretations map our present perceptions not only of ourselves but of everything around us. 

This book is dedicated to self awareness as that is the key to self love. Let’s face it, awareness is love, because love requires understanding and acceptance. But we can only accept that which we understand and we only understand if we are aware of what to understand; or rather, know what it is we ought to understand. Because then and only then, can we accept and ultimately love. So these are vows, awareness and self notes of realizations through the development of understanding the soul -the self. And the beauty of it all is, as you learn about yourself, you learn about others. Because developing an awareness with yourself allows you to then become externally conscious, meaning you now have the ability to master life as you deem fit.And that my friends is power. And it all starts with you.


PITTOC Volume Two is an anthology with original submissions from 100 poets of the world. This compilation has been edited by G.A. Cuddy with assistance from Liz Kobak. The cover art was provided by Stephanie Maurer; the interior cover art was created by Conner Reddan. Please follow @p_i_t_t_o_c on Instagram. Like the first anthology, proceeds will once again benefit Doctors Without Borders and Partners In Health. PITTOC Volume Two features a vary of authors.

There is a great deal of shame, stigma, and stress associated with abuse. This anthology gives a voice to and in support of survivors; it is in honor of those who no longer have a voice. Enjoy the roar of this collective “FUCK YOU!” An initial donation will be made to Women’s Center High Desert. All other proceeds will be donated to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence. Beautiful Ways to Say features a vary of artwork from various artist along with a multitude of contributing poets.

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