We have a choice to accept to not,
To grow or not.
We have a choice to believe or not,
To embrace or to resist,
We have a choice…

A choice to move forward,
Or hold on to the past.

A choice to be free,
To live,
Live freely…

We have a choice,
To accept the good from the bad.
We have a choice to grow…

We have a choice to be happy,
Or be sad.

A choice to make something,
Out of nothing,
Or make everything,
Out of anything.

We have a choice to take control,
Or be victim of your own insecurities.

A choice to sit in misery,
Confined by our way of being,
Or to breakththrough.

We have a choice,
We always have a choice,
It is a matter,
Of whether we want,
The easy way,
Or the hard way…

A choice to live with restrictions,
Or without.

We have a choice,
A choice to live our full potential,
Or live with none at all.

The choice is ours,
Or Act?


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