what a woman wants

What A Woman Wants

Every woman wants a man, A man that will take care of her, Yet not patronize her. A man stronger than her, Yet gentle enough to touch her. A man that has her back as she has his, Yet isn’t afraid to put her in her place. A man that shares his love, Yet only shows to her. A man that isn’t afraid to call her his own, Yet keeps her a secret. A man that loves her for who she is, Yet admires her for who she is becoming. A man who stands beside her, Yet stands against her. A man who listens. Yet converses. A man who considers, Yet offers opinion. A man who stands up for her, Yet stands up to her. A man who tells her when she is being ridiculous, Yet loves her for her ridiculousness. A man who calls her out on her bullshit, Yet loves her bullshit. A man who puts her in her place, Yet knows when not too. Every women wants a man to take control, Yet allow them to be in control… Such a beautiful contradiction… Wrapped in a bow, We call love.

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