For I have been misunderstood,
Not once,
But my whole life.

For I’m different,
Unique from the rest.
Not like those around me,
Not like my family,
Like anyone.
Just me.

Something which has taken me,
Taken me a while to accept,
For I always felt I needed to fit in,
To be understood.
And no matter how hard I tried,
It seems impossible.

The logic,
The rational,
Used to explain my ways,
My being,
My actions,
Just don’t seem to work.

For I am the only one trying,

While others stay stuck,
Stuck in their ways,
Refusing to see the effort,
Refusing to make an effort.

For they are too self absorbed,
Too blind,
To see that they are in   fact,
The reason for why progress,
Progress has yet to come.

The reason for why growth,
Has yet to surface.
For they are so stuck in the past,
In their way of being,
They have yet to move forward.

Their unwillingness to understand,
Unwillingness to shed old skin,
Understanding that which is,
Rather than,
Accepting only that which was,
That which they believe to be,
Believing it to be true,
Is all a misunderstanding,
Of who it is I really am.

I ask you,
Is that knowledge?
Is that growth?

For why try to understand,
When blame comes so easy,
For why vest energy,
For when point fingers is second nature,
To who you are,
Why change?!
When in your eyes,
You’re not the who needs changing.

So, I stand here,
So misunderstood,
Yet claimed,
Of being the one who doesn’t understand,
Doesn’t care to change,
When all I have is changed.

And yet,
The road always leads to the same place,
The story always has the same ending.

Misunderstood in all forms,
Such a slippery slope.
Such misunderstanding,
Due to stubborn ways.

That’s life,
A great big misunderstanding,
Of those unwilling to understand,
Yet claiming they do.
Such irony.
Such chaos.

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