When faced with something challenging, something you are unsure of, what is your first response?

When faced with failure when trying something new, what is your initial reaction?

Once completing one task, are you often thinking about the next?

Which are you more afraid of?

Once everything is all said and done, what is your first thought?

What is your reaction to something trying something new?

When a friend approaches you about a new venture, what is your response?

Before making a commitment, what is your first thought?

When looking at your past, what do you see?

When making choices do you?

What Is Stopping You?
Fear of Failure

What Is Stopping You?

You have a fear of failure, which means you usually don't put much thought into your actions, you just go with it and see where it takes you. Now that isn't a problem, after all you are spontaneous! The thing is that spontaneity catches up up you and gets you doubting and questioning, especially after you reach a certain point in your life. And, you begin to be all for new ventures, but never fall through; and if you do, you doubt yourself to the max, sometimes questioning yourself you begin you talk yourself out of even starting after making the decision to start. And, during those questioning moments, you often look back all your life failures to only prove yourself right as to how much you have done wrong. And, if you do decide to try something new, you often question, what if?! What if you did it this or that way? What if you made a huge mistake? Best thing to do is understand what it is you haven't come to terms with... what is it that you haven't accepted as a lesson, yet accepted as failure?
Fear of Success

What Is Stopping You?

You have a fear of success, and yes that might sounds strange! But, your life has been built on playing it safe. Reasoning , logical deducting what it is that makes the most sense, what is rational. But, not everything is life is rational, some things just happen, because it's life. Either way, you cannot make a decision without it first being intelligible, until you can verifiably understand what comes after, that is, what comes next. It isn't that you're afraid to act, rather you are afraid of what comes after you act. And, it isn't judgment, but the fear of the unknown... not knowing if just ends there, because than what comes after?! What do you do next?! What if there is nothing that comes next?! You are so afraid on the end of the road that you avoid the end of the road, yet you strive to reach it, yet holding yourself back before get there. And, you have been close, but there is always something keeping you coming making the final move. Best thing to do is understand why it is you are so fearful of reaching the end? For what do you think it means? That it is over... because it isn't... It's a new beginning and maybe that's what your scared of... something you know nothing of...
Lack of Confidence

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You have a lack of confidence in pursing your goals, yours dreams and aspirations. You are all for you it, then question and doubt when it comes to following though. Now you don't question the ability to succeed or fail, but rather question your ability. Whether or not you will do it right, stressing over all the little details, the minor things, emphasizing the importance on getting everything right, making sure that it is perfect, because you can't afford a mistake... can't afford it to go wrong, it must be perfect! You worry so much about the little details that you forget the bigger picture, not focusing of the grand scheme of things, so you end up overwhelming yourself to the point you figure you can't do it, because it's just too much work... too much to be done, so you throw in the towel and forfeit. n addition, even making a decision you still find reason to question whether or not it was the right choice. But thing is, you can't focus on the little things, it's the big things that matter. And you will make mistakes, who cares... mistakes are might to be made and they are what get you to your destination. The question you need to ask yourself is how bad do you want it?
Fear of Judgement

What Is Stopping You?

You have fear judgment. Now this isn't to say you look to please other, but you do in fact look for approval, in the sense and you're afraid of what they will think, make or say of a situation, especially if it is out of the norm of what they are used to from seeing from you. So, you do what you do, follow what you follow, but you do it without anyone knowing, anyone seeing... And before putting you out in the open, you test it... you throw out hints here and there, gauging responses and reactions. Taking time to make your decisions, but your decisions seem to always rest on perceptions rather than anything else. For you can't just ever really go with it, and if ever put in a situation where you had too, you avoid it at all costs, especially if you are still uncertain of the outcome. In addition, even after months of deliberating and arriving at a decision you still deliberate. Best thing to do is understand what is it that has cause such uncertainty in your life? Why is it that you can to double and triple check... taking days, weeks and months to arrive at a decision? Or to even feel confidence in a decision?

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