We are elevating and upgrading all avenues of life, inside and out! This is now the ‘How-To’ on levelling up on life. One girl & friends dedicated to elevating and upgrading, not only the self, but life itself. Sharing knowledge, life experiences, challenges and goals, along tips and tricks within a wide range of topics from finance to healthy living to self-love.

Tune in to hear from real people, experts and industry professionals. It’s the ‘tell-all for all’ who want more in life! New episodes every Wednesdays!

  • HAPPY PRIDE MONTH!!  What does it mean to discover yourself?! Come to know who you are and what you want?! I had the pleasure of sitting down with the one and only, Steph Margaret @steph_margaret, who is a woman who she is and what she wants. Over the past few years, she has discovered herself […]
  • We are ever-changing beings, constantly evolving and growing in multitude of directions, even when we believe we are stagnant, we are in motion. But it is up to us to turn that motion into something, or else we stay running in the same spot. Hoping for change to never arrive at it. With that said, […]
  • What is ascension?! What are spiritual awakenings?! Downloads and integrations?! What does it mean to be in alignment and in harmony?! I sat down with a beautiful soul of a woman, Maham, to discuss everything from generational trauma, mediation, books, paradigm shifts to light magic and rituals. We discuss energy manipulation, manifestation and what it […]
  • We started out as wanting to discuss what makes you the best version of you, which quickly turned into a relationship conversation. So things get a bit heated. But not because we mad or feeling a way. But because, we are passionate about what we say and where we stand. How it is we perceive […]
  • Planning a wedding is overwhelming, let alone planning a wedding during the pandemic. The wa nts, needs and expectations vs the reality. Do you hold out and wait for what you want and dream or do you just go for it. I sat down with my cousin to discuss, as she is a bride to […]
  • A rising star, owning and sitting in her power Ms. Dee. An undercover agent for the divine. So of course, I had to sit down with her to discuss everything that she's come and coming into, both present and future. Discussing not only her upcoming ventures, but her path. How it all came to be. […]
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