Alright! I’m going to keep this super lax, conversational, at times diving deep and others just slimming the surface. There …

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Background – Numb Pt. 2

So, here is a bit of background, something I’ll dive deeper into later on in the story. But for now …

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Vicious Cycle – Numb Pt. 3

A lot happened throughout my upbringing which led me to this place of darkness, soullessness, it was a bit rollercoaster, …

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Front & Center – Numb Pt. 4

Aside from the behind the scene noise, there was a lot happening front-and-center. Like I said, I offered patience and …

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Flip The Switch – Numb Pt. 5

Now, because I’ve become such a master at hiding -concealing. I have this on-off switch… you know the one you …

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Bittersweet – Numb Pt. 6

And just like that, there was a sudden shift… I stopped caring for the person I had to be for …

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First Time – Numb Pt. 7

I just wanted to be free… free from all of it. And to be honest I didn’t care what form …

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Avoidance – Numb Pt. 8

I was addicted to the rush, it was exhilarating… the feeling of nothingness, the escape. It was everything I wanted, …

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Shit Got Real – Numb Pt. 9

I did a lot of stupid shit, because I didn’t care. I became so reckless, I only cared to forget …

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Betrayal – Numb Pt. 10

For you can only deny for so long, you can only avoid for so long. Once you’re caught you’re caught, …

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Insignificant – Numb Pt. 11

I saw just how ugly the outside world was, as if I wasn’t already dealing with enough, I was hit, …

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No Purpose – Numb Pt. 12

At that point, my parents were ready to talk. They were ready to confront whatever was bothering me, whatever I …

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Experimentation – Numb Pt. 13

And so began the experimentation..I revisited the whole scene, the drug scene, but it was different this time around. It …

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After Hours – Numb Pt. 14

I never felt so free in my life, nothing mattered and everything was at your disposal, so long as you …

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Stay Tuned…

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