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Love, Growth, Heartbreak, Romance, Development, Progress, Motivation, Real Life…

How We See Ourselves vs. How Other See Us

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8 Ways To Know How He Feels

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How To Make It A Habit

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How To Heal Yourself

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Know What Is Stopping You

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Why You Can’t Move on

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8 Ways To Follow Your Dreams

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Soulful Insight

-Poetry Collection-
A little bit of everything…
Relationships. Love.
Heartbreak. Struggles. Life. Truth.
Complications. Growth….


Structured Chaos

Life analyzing and self diagnosing… Real life moments mixed with some random shit… Doesn’t get anymore real than this…

Let’s face it… The way in which we think, what feed our minds, impacts our perspective of life -our state of living. There are so many ways of thought, a multitude of perspectives, and by opening yourself up to receiving a new way of thought, a new vibration, welcomes a new realm of possibilities…


Attributing truths to things we know nothing of, gets us no where, we must invest in becoming present to what it is, which is simply what it is – nothing more, nothing less – just IT in its most rawest form.

Unanswered Questions

The ‘why’ that no matter how hard you try to understand, no matter what conclusions, or should I say assumptions, you will never know… even if you asked. There is so much room for doubt. For in the end, the final question is, do we ever really know anything as such for certain? 


There are so many things that we seek in life and we do all the necessary motions to best ensure that we manifest them, yet it can sometimes feel that we are at a stand still. But, are we really at a stand still or doubting? Doubting whether or not our actions will in fact produce the results that we so long for. Or worried? Worried that maybe things won’t work out. It can be so difficult to trust our journey at times.


We go through life with protective shields, security blankets, and we think that we are preventing ourselves from getting hurt or something potentially going wrong. Yet, what we are doing is preventing anything at all from happening, good or bad. We become so untrustworthy of society, we no longer acknowledge the value in trusting someone and what it means for them to trust us.


We get so caught up in our life, so consumed by our own goals, priorities, routines, etc., we forget who we need to be for someone else. Why? Because we limit ourselves, we tell ourselves that we are too busy, have a lot going on and can’t do it. Why is it that we set limitations for ourselves? Why is it that others are doing it, while we are not? Remember, everyone is going through something; no better, no worst; no more, no less. So why is it that we limit ourselves? Furthermore, why do we do it at the cost of others?


Do you ever sit there and wonder whether or not you would be the same person, if you hadn’t met someone, come across a particular individual? Asking yourself, if you would have made the similar decisions, the similar choices, leading you to exactly where you are now, thinking the way in which you do. Would you be the same person?


We go places, see people and partake in experiences, not for the experience, but for the look… we do things we love and share them, but most of us aren’t doing them, because we love them… we are doing them because of the appearance of that which we love… the way in which it looks on the outside. Kind of makes you question the authenticity… the intention. Most importantly, who really is the person behind the screen?


A collection of poems, which tells more than just a story…
They share a journey, the search on how to find, and love yourself amidst heartache.
One could describe it as… A dance with the Devil, a talk with a God, and the thoughts within the soul.

-Poetry for all kinds of emotions-

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