Black & White Answers is about the journey of life… doubt and hurt… deceit, pain and love. It encompasses all that is, all that was and all that will be. It is a collection of poems, which tells more than just a story… They share a journey, the search on how to find, and love yourself amidst heartache.

The How’s, The Why’s & The Know’s…
Love, Growth, Romance, Development,
Progress, Motivation, Real Life…
Advice on life…

Life is filled with ups and downs. There are days that are absolutely incredible, then there are days that are so difficult you can hardly keep your head above water. It’s struggle to stay positive in the most negative situations, which why every now and then we need a little inspiration.


A little bit of everything…
Relationships. Love.
Heartbreak. Struggles. Life. Truth.
Complications. Growth….

The way in which we think, what we feed our minds, impacts our perspective of life… ultimately impacting our state of living. There are so many in which one can think, a multitude of perspectives. It’s matter of opening your mind to different ways of thinking -a new vibration, thoughts for thoughts…. that’s is, just something to think about…


A collection of poems, which tells more than just a story…
They share a journey, the search on how to find, and love yourself amidst heartache.
One could describe it as… A dance with the Devil, a talk with a God, and the thoughts within the soul.

-Poetry for all kinds of emotions-

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Who Knows?!

It's nice to get away, but it is nice to be home... who know what will happen next?! #revolutionary #process #healing #seeyousoon

What If…

What if, I told you, I missed you... Needed you... That you have been on my mind, Since the day you left... The day I left. What if, I told you, I've tried to …



Stay Mindful, Soulful & full of Wisdom...